There are few things more enjoyable than watching your team win it’s game on Sunday, and then settle into the ol’ recliner to watch two division rivals knock the snot out of each other.

Either team losing is good. If the Cards would have won going away or got blown out, they would have had some additional motivation for our game against them this week.

Now, they have a short week to recover from a pretty brutal loss. Playing in front of the home crowd in the opener always helps, but this was probably the best outcome the Hawks could have hoped for.

We’ll have to see if their center remains sidelines for that game as well. He left midway through tonight, and their o-line cannot afford more injuries (they already lost one starter at left tackle during the pre-season).

More later. By the way, I plan on hosting a game thread here during the broadcast on Sunday for people to post on as we watch the game. Hope to see you there.

3 Responses

  1. Hawkeye

    As a Hawks fan, this game was encouraging to watch. The commentators touted each team’s defensive play. What I saw was a stinkbomb from both teams, more on offense than on defense. It was awesome seeing D-Jack drop the bomb that HIT HIM IN THE HANDS in the end zone. If only the 49ers had lost the game as a result…

    Got to love our division – AZ and St. Louis will be 0-2 after this coming week. That paves the way for a Hawks playoff run.

  2. ejones

    I too loved seeing D-jack’s half-ass effort on that long pass. Arizona’s OL still looks like crap. Just put some pressure on Leinhart and he falls apart!

  3. Anonymous

    THAT PLAY (and a few other flakey plays) are why I was not unhappy to see Jackson go. He is definitely going to hurt San Fran more than he helps.

    Sorry to be anon but it’s 12:40 AM… I’ll sign up soon enough 🙂 GO HAWKS!!