Sunday, September 23, 2007

Gameday Thread: Bengals @ Seahawks

I will be at the game today. Folks are welcome to share their joy, frustration, observations and questions here. You are encouraged to post as many times as you'd like.

Pre-Game Thoughts:
It's rare to have a game this important in your third game of the season. Beating an AFC team that is 1-1 and whose defense is flawed enough to make it a borderline playoff contender is not all that meaningful. Add these items to the mix:
  • 49ers are 2-0
  • We play @ SF and @ Pitt the next two weeks
  • Our defense is under the microscope, and teetering on the edge of "here we go again" status, going up against one of the best offenses in football
  • Hawks lost a game they should have won last week
  • It's a home game
And you start to see why this game matters so much. If things play out the best way possible, the Hawks and 49ers will both be 2-1 next week in SF, setting up a chance to take back the division lead. I can't see the forest through the trees this morning, so this is a pick'em at this point.


cwu91 said...

Damn CBS game..not being shown here in Anchorage, so I'm left with the radio feed.

14-10 at the half...not to bad but the third down conversions are hurting a bit. Need to get the running game untracked.

cwu91 said...

Safeties stepping up...sounds like a nice over the shoulder pick by Russell.

Grant had a play ealier.

cwu91 said...

That was close on the FG....come on D!

cwu91 said...

Good stop on the 2-point, but the D on that drive was abysmal.

cwu91 said...

2:00 minute magic....that's damn right.

How bout dem safeties?