The kids are out the door, and I’ve settled into the recliner. We have friends coming over with their kids around 4:30, so the Hawks better win, or we may have fewer friends after today. I’m going into this game a little ornery, so here’s to hoping the Hawks give me something to cheer about.

Pre-Game Thoughts
The Seahawks need to win first down, both on offense and defense. The Hawks offense can be productive if they are working with 2nd & 6 or less. If we’re seeing lots of 2nd & 9 and 3rd & 7, I don’t see us putting up many points. The 49ers offense certainly will want to establish the run, and if they are getting 4+ yards on first down, it really relieves pressure on the rest of their game. The more times the Hawks force Alex Smith to beat them on 3rd down instead of Gore, the better.

71 Responses

  1. hawkblogger

    plackameier is so slow on his punts. This is his second block of the year and there could have been a few others. Speed it up, fella!

  2. MagooGirl

    i love seeing it ‘against’ DJack as well – i’m loving his speed, toughness, his hands and his YAC….

    matt’s getting comfy with him as well – our wideouts are only going to get better and that’s a happy/scarey thought!!

    sounds like rocky will be back (finger/toes crossed – he’s been a monster today)

  3. MagooGirl

    sorry – last post was referring to Branch!! I’m too excited at the way the team feels this first half – just want to seem them put two halves together and blow out SanFran.

  4. ScurvySD

    Nice to see Seneca in, even if he hasn’t been entirely successful. Wonder what prompted Mike to put him in this week.

  5. MagooGirl

    I like having Seneca in – even if it’s not successful it gives the defense and coordinators more to think about – next time use him as a decoy. Some plays are all about setting up other plays later in the game.

  6. hawkblogger

    1st Half Notes:

    – 6 sacks (more than in any full game so far this year, and most since we had 9 agains the Raiders last year)

    – 11.7 YPA

    – Deion Branch goes for 117 yards in the 1st half (122 is his season-high)

    – 5 forced fumbles. FIVE. (matches the team total for the season)

    So, you couldn’t write a much better script for the Hawks, but we’re up by only 13. No exhale allowed here.

    Dilfer is bad news. He will lead this team to a better 2nd half. If we can score on the opening position (even a field goal), things will be much simpler.

    Interesting to watch Holmgren go to Weaver and Seneca a little. He really wants this game.

    Running game must reappear in the second half.

    No turnovers. No gimmes (like blocked punts). Make them go down the field.

  7. cwu91

    Dominant first half…lets see if they can maintain the intensity on D.

    Wonder what Bernard’s status is…tape and play?

  8. hawkblogger

    Okay. So I’m a quarter late on my Pollard TD prediction, but…


    Has a half started any better for a team that gave up an onside kick??

  9. MagooGirl

    anyone else notice alvin pearmen limping off in the 2nd quarter? I know he’s not high on the depth chart, but he is a special teams guy…

    way to go, hawks…i like the way things are going today.. a more complete game filled with confidence…

  10. cwu91

    Should be able to grind em down a bit with the run…I’d also like to see Morris between the tackles here as well.

    Stay aggressive, but our O-line should be begin to dominate

  11. hawkblogger

    Wow. The Hawks have gotten in their heads. Great play by Jennings there. It’s good to see him make a play on the ball downfield.

  12. cwu91

    Is Dick LeBeau on the sideline here??? These pressure packages are awesome.

    Overload one side of the line, then bring someone free from the other.

    Total discombubulation by the 49r line…I love it

  13. cwu91

    Yeah, Matt should have thrown that away…good job holding them to 3

  14. cwu91

    Minor rant….I understand that the announcers want a competative game, but come on, how about giving the seattle D a little credit??

  15. hawkblogger

    red zone offense…again. I appreciate that we are being conservative at this point, but this is a real issue.

    It’s a sign that we are not yet clicking on all cylinders. Running is the biggest part of scoring down there, and Holmgren is just not confident in the team’s ability to pull it off.

  16. hawkblogger

    I hear ya about the announcers. The defense has been the best unit on the field. That’s worth noting for a Holmgren-led team.

    I do agree, though, that our offense has not made nearly the same statement that the defense has.

  17. hawkblogger

    Weaver is getting closer. I think he is going to be our 3rd down back before the season is out. He is better on short yardage plays, and a much better receiver.

  18. cwu91

    I realize that Rackley hurt his hand….but our long snapping is going to bite us eventually.

    Need to get that corrected