HawkBloggerWife has yielded the family room starting at 1:00 today. I will be kickin’ back in recliner, with laptop, remote and beer in tow. I’ll be posting thoughts about the game as I watch, and would love to hear yours.

I will create these game threads for each of the away games, so we can chat. I will also create some polls during the game (at least one) to make it a bit more interactive.

Pre-game thoughts:
Way too many people are writing the Cards off. We definitely should win this game, but it is not a gimme, by any stretch. Don’t forget those blown coverages last week by the Hawks, or the fast and aggressive defense from the Cards. All it takes is a few turnovers or big pass plays to make this a loss. That said, this is a game that a championship-level team wins. It’s a good early measuring stick for the Hawks and the division.

48 Responses

  1. cwu91

    The Cardinals have a new coach, a new system, and a young quarterback.

    Trufant is back playing is normal position.

    I think you will see a return on investment today with the new sateties (Grant, Russel).

    24-16, Hawks.

  2. hawkblogger

    Did anyone see the Tampa Bay score??!! Wow. Maybe we’re better than we thought.

    That could really mean Carolina has a cake walk to home field advantage if New Orleans is that bad this year.

    Also interesting to see STL and SF game. STL looks to be dominating offensively, but two turnovers have the 49ers in the lead.

  3. hawkblogger

    Oh my god. We got the bottom of the barrel in commentators. Their voices are annoying me and it’s 5 minutes into the game.

    They also seem eager to see the Cardinals succeed.

  4. hawkblogger

    nice job by the defense there to hold them to 3. Of course, now that I’ve bitched about the announcers, I’ve lost all sound for the game. Great.

  5. hawkblogger

    1st QTR: Not a great start. Didn’t see, but it looked like Weaver missed the block on the punt block based on who was blocking the guy the next time we punted.

    The defense is not dictating much yet. Leinart is way too comfortable. We look completely lost on offense. What exactly is the gameplan here? Looks very haphazard.

    Well, shit. The Cards just scored a TD. Was that on Peterson? Nobody went with the TE. We are better than this. Let’s see if the offense can get untracked.

  6. hawkblogger

    What the hell is the plan here??!! Draw to Alexander on 2 & 13?

    Big conversion to Nate the Great on 3rd. Man, we needed that.

  7. hawkblogger

    If the Hawks have any confusing blitzes, now’s the time. I don’t understand how this crappy o-line is totally sticking it to us.

  8. hawkblogger

    We ARE NOT a fly pattern team! For gods sake, please go back to your bread and butter in the short-to-intermediate game.

  9. MagooGirl

    3 drops already – matt would be 14/19 and maybe we’d have a little more flow.. and what’s the point of putting shaun in motion? the defense will always cheat on that because they know he’s not reliable and not likely a target….i know with mo-mo out it affects things, but sheesh.. we look unprepared and really rusty….

    i really hope this is just rust

  10. MagooGirl

    whew…something already…. i know we can start sluggish – at the beginning of games and sometimes even the start of a season, but I expected our defense to be much better than they’ve showed……. especially on coverage/pass rush…….

    hopefully this gets things moving in the right direction…a turnover would be very handy about now…

  11. cwu91

    Matt needs to be a little more circumspect in changing the play at the line….don’t let the defense dictate your offense. You play these guys twice a year.

    Pendergrass is well documented for throwing exotic looks at the offense.

    You wanna put a linebacker on my receiver?? Okay…Im down with that.

  12. hawkblogger

    1st Half: The Seahawks offense played flat in the first half. 3 of the 6 Hawks drives were 3-and-out. They had success on their first and last drives by hitting the short and intermediate routes. Let’s forget about the deep ball until we’ve shown some success. Otherwise, it looks pathetic and desperate, not to mention ineffective.

    I think Weaver should get more carries in the 2nd half. Shaun doesn’t look like he’s here today.

    Biggest surprise has to be how ineffective our pass rush has been. Our rushing defense has not been particularly strong either. We’ve allowed 260 yards in the first half. Truth is, our defense still relies on our offense being effective. We can’t be out on the field this much.

    And let’s not forget our special teams chipping in by allowing a blocked punt.

    We’ll need a complete turnaround in the second half to win this thing. It’s certainly possible, but we must stop the Cards opening drive.

  13. MagooGirl

    Agree completely, Hawkblogger – if we don’t stop the opening drive it doesn’t bode well for the rest of the half. We’ve spotted to big a lead.

    I was hoping our D could stand on it’s own consistently this year. Maybe that will still develop. But you’re right, we rely on the offense to keep our defense from having to play from behind.

  14. MagooGirl

    sheesh… had them 3rd and long and g ave up the first down….sigh…

  15. hawkblogger

    How is that still 3rd down after the facemask? I really thought that would make it fourth down. Mark it down. That may have been a big play.

  16. hawkblogger

    Way to go, Mike H!! Show some confidence in your offense.

    Nice block Rob Sims.

    Let’s see if some doubts start to creep in with the Cardinals. I could already hear it with their fans.

  17. MagooGirl

    welcome back to the game, Seattle!!!!! wooohooo!!!!!!!

    let’s hope that lifts our d play up a notch as well….

  18. MagooGirl

    when AZ runs up the middle, their OL gets a really big push on our DL. I don’t like it much at all.

    Our D better not go back to sleep.

  19. hawkblogger

    3rd Quarter: Just what the doctor ordered. Huge play by Tutupu. Huge play on 3rd down part deux. Better pressure, but still ZERO sacks. Cards have given up ONE sack in 1.75 games.

    Run defense continues to be bad. As silly as it sounds, we need to stop either the run or the pass. On this current drive, the Cards are doing pretty much whatever they want.

  20. MagooGirl

    whew.. we stopped them… or rather, they stopped themselves….. i’ll take it…

    agree hawkblogger, loved the boobirds……

  21. MagooGirl

    oh how i hate the tease that is the ‘third and long draw play’!!!!

    I’ll take the points, but sigh…..

    and the lead (thanks mr. franchise player!!)

  22. hawkblogger

    You know, I think Mack gets that first down if any of his teammates start pushing him. I saw Rob Sims stand and watch for a few seconds before starting to move that way.

    We need one more score.

  23. MagooGirl

    sorry I keep commenting so much – i just love my hawks…..my son and hubby know to just stay out of my way on sundays!!!!

    it’s so nice to see Josh booming kick-off’s this year, btw….

  24. hawkblogger

    Ok. We knew we needed one more score anyway. Let’s see that 4-minute offense end with a Hawks TD and 30 seconds on the clock.

    I’d really like to be in a good mood this evening.

  25. MagooGirl

    after coming back like we did

    to lose it on a muffed play/fumble that included a defender in the backfield.

    san fran in the lead

    we take a divisional lost

  26. hawkblogger

    We just made this season a whole lot harder. 49ers win. Cards now have reason to think they are in the hunt. A loss for them would have been devastating today.

    Damn. What a stupid, stupid way to lose.