Sunday, September 9, 2007

MORE DIVISION NEWS: Rams stats tell interesting story

Just reviewing the Rams box score, and saw some things that jumped out at me:

  • Dante Hall was brought in to spice up their return game. Looks like he had an 84-yard KO return, so that is something to be aware of.
  • ZERO sacks. That's right. The Rams brought in DE James Hall to play opposite Leonard Little to improve their pass rush. Not a great start there.
  • 2 Fumbles, a 3.2 yard/carry average and 58 rushing yards for Steven Jackson. Not sure how much of that was losing Orlando Pace, but I'm guessing the Panthers D had a lot to do with it.
  • Bulger was 22-42 for 167 yards and 4.0 YPA. Yuck.
I don't think the Rams are this bad. The Panthers might be this good, though. Take a look at their schedule. They will easily be 4-0 by the time they play New Orleans. Consider them an early (VERY early) favorite for home-field advantage in the NFC. Just a hunch.


JoSCh said...

Carolina being good bodes poorly for me getting cheap seats in December when the Hawks come for a visit. Looks like I'll be driving to Atlanta instead of Charlotte.

Nice overall analysis on yer blog. I was linked here by 12SS.

JoSCh said...

Scratch that, from yer post on the wasSando nowHughes blog.

hawkblogger said...

Thanks, josch! I hope to gain some more traffic so we can have substantive hawks conversations.