Andy Reid is in trouble in Philly. The buzz seems to be that he is done after this year. We all know Holmgren is not long for this job, and have always assumed Jim Mora Jr. or some other current assistant would take over.

Let me ask you though, is there any coach more likely to maintain continuity with Holmgren’s style and philosophy than Andy Reid? Wouldn’t he be a great bridge from Holmgren to the future?

I have never been a Holmgren hater. I question some decisions he makes, but he took one of the worst franchises in the NFL and took them to the Super Bowl…twice. The guy knows what he’s doing.

The last thing I’d want to see is Hasselbeck have to adjust to a new offensive philosophy and all the turbulence that goes along with that. Gil Haskell or Jim Zorn could obviously continue to run things as is, but who neither would offer the same level of leadership, continuity and track record as Reid.

My second choice would not be Mora Jr either. I think my second choice would probably be Zorn.

In the end, the most important criteria for the new coach is that they don’t waste Matt’s golden years. He is not a phenomenally gifted athlete that can just excel in any system. He is very much a cerebral QB who grew up in this system and depends a ton on knowing his checks and his progressions. Zorn’s got his trust. I think Reid does as well from when he was Matt’s QB coach in Green Bay.

Something to ponder…

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  1. Scurvy

    Very interesting.

    The next question is if anyone would even notice. I can imagine the announcers pontificating that “there’s something a little different about Holmgren this year,” and wondering if maybe Mike got his mustache trimmed.

  2. Anonymous

    I hardly think Ruskell is going to hire someone who has kids that we’re selling drugs and the home was like a “drug den.” That does not speak to high character…..

    At least that’s my take.

  3. hawkblogger

    what? Did I miss a story about Andy Reid’s kids?

    I do think Ruskell could very well want to make his own mark with a defensive-minded coach, but I think that would be a mistake unless the guy is clearly better.

  4. Anonymous

    Both of his kids were sentenced to jail time for drug use and abuse (among other things). A judge a few weeks ago sentenced his addicted sons to jail while castigating the Reid mansion as a “drug-infested den”