I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I certainly am thankful to be back home in Seattle with another cross-country trip with my young boys behind me. The only thing more stressful than a Seahawks lead in the 4th quarter is anticipating being trapped in a cramped plane for 6 hours with a 3 and 6 year-old.

There aren’t many critical games against 2-8 teams, but this one is certainly important on a number of levels.

– This is the third game of our new offensive philosophy. Teams will have enough film to game plan for it at this point. As bad as the Rams have been this year, their defense has been playing well in spurts. This is also the first road game that we’ve had since the switch.

– Road wins have been hard to come by. We are playing 4 of 6 on the road to close the season, and losing to a 2-8 team would not be a great way to start.

– Division records count. We are in a tight race with the Cards, and we can’t afford to lose any division games. A win against the Rams and the Cards (at home) would lead to a couple critical tie-breakers.

– This is a Rams team with some momentum playing at home. It’s not the same team we played a few weeks ago.

I’m going to be watching for a pass rush. I think that will be a key to the game. If we make it hard on the Rams to pass the ball, I think we can win even with Seneca at the helm. If we don’t hit Bulger a ton, this could be a very frustrating day.

I pick the Hawks to win in a close game.

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  1. hawkblogger

    40 yard diff on field position. c’mon rock!

    good to see us get off the field without giving up points and that we got some pressure when they appeared to be max protecting.

  2. hawkblogger

    Lofa got eaten alive on that play. They caught us in a blitz with grant up at the line. quite a gamble from the looks of it. once he got past the line of scrimmage, there was nobody there.

  3. hawkblogger

    Early story line: Last week was a win where all parts of the team contributed. With no offense, a special teams fumble and missed FG, and two TDs against, the whole team is contributing to an ugly loss at this point.

  4. hawkblogger

    Let’s take a look at how much of this game should have been different:

    1) If Rocky covers the simplest fumble recovery ever on the Rams first possession, the Rams don’t get a safety and very likely don’t get Jackson’s 53-yard TD run (due to the safety punt return).

    2) If Nate holds onto the ball on the punt return, the Rams don’t get their second TD.

    3) If Josh Brown makes a very makeable FG, we would have been leading at that point.

    4) If Burleson doesn’t break off his route before half, who knows what happens?

    I give the Rams credit for having a great gameplan on defense (although I hate to say it because Haslett is such a punk), and I give them credit for coming out with emotion even with a 2-8 record.

    As bad as the Hawks played, a few simple plays could easily have this at 10-7 or 10-10. If the Rams score a TD after half, I’d recommend finding something else to do with your Sunday.

  5. cwu91

    damn….we just lost Hackett on a stupid short yardage pass play

  6. cwu91

    Gus is taking way too long t make his decisions….a pick six waiting to happen

  7. cwu91

    Okay….slim should not be able to lay the wood on Jackson….the physics don’t add up lol

  8. cwu91

    Have to go back to the game at SF to find one this physical…..by both teams

  9. cwu91

    At the risk of sounding like a homer, that was the most ticky-tack PI I have seen in a long time.

  10. cwu91

    Should have reviewed the bruce catch….he didn’t appear to have posession

  11. hawkblogger

    talk about a tale of two halves. I think we should have cwu91 do all the commentary from this point forward. Clearly, that change is what turned the this game around.

  12. cwu91

    Funny Guy, that hawkblogger, LOL

    Seriously though, a botched snap and a different ending in Cleveland and there 9-2 and talking about HFA.

    In all the years that I have watched the Hawks….Patera, Knox, Flores, Erickson, and Holmgren, I have never witnessed a team like this one over a two year period, from an entertainment perspective. This game will be another NFL replay in all likelihood. They simply thrive on being on the edge.

    BTW, nice work on the blog. I don’t post much during the week, but I make it point to read. Im sure others do to.

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