It’s hard to make any real meaningful assessments against a team like the 49ers. They have clearly given up on the season and are flawed on both sides of the ball. That said, I left the game with a few impressions:

1) Getting to a MNF game in Seattle sucks!!
It took me an hour to go from the Seattle Center to Qwest, just so I could have the privilege of paying $30 to park 20 blocks from the stadium. Park’n’ride on Sundays rule. They are the only way to get to a game. At least we were smart enough to pass funding for needed road and transit work…oh wait…

2) Pass first just fits this year
I don’t think it makes the Hawks much more of a threat in the NFC, but passing more does make us a better team right now. Our pass protection held up, and our receivers looked really good. I don’t even think Matt had a great day. He missed a few big plays when he had all day to throw. Getting Branch back (assuming we ever do) will make this even more interesting.

3) No 3.1 YPC back will ever get more kudos than Mo Morris
I expect to hear nothing but calls for Alexander’s head after Morris’ scintillating 28 carry, 87 yard performance. Morris does look like a better option than Alexander at this point, but he is not a solution to our running problems.

4) Hackett is key
I admit to not understanding how important he is to our offense. I was a HUGE proponent of his last year, but he is blossoming into a legit #2. I really would like to see him on the field with Branch and Engram.

Brace yourself for this Sunday. That’s a thankless game. You win, and nobody cares. You lose, and you’re a joke again. I would almost take a loss if I could be guaranteed that Grossman would get smacked multiple times.

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  1. cwu91

    Ah, yes…the Qwest commute. I usually come over from the east side..straight down 90. At the bottom of the hill, I usually take a left and hop out at the turner parking garage. My ride takes the first right past the garage, and an immediate right after lands you back on the expressway. Home in factoria in 10 minutes.

    The walk down to Royal Brougham takes about 10 minutes…lot of people don’t realize this, but as your walking west on RB, you can cut up the stairs and get your ticket punched. No line, and way better than coming in on the occidental side through the exhibition side. Did this for the WC last year, and the CC in 05.

    Now if I could just cut the commute time from Anchorage to Seattle…