I admit to not having scouted the Falcons at all. I know they gave the Cars a good game last week on the road and all that the national media coverage has told me (for what that’s worth).

Basically, we’re looking for a few simple things today:

– Stay healthy
– Play with aggression
– Try to keep the running game going
– Seneca’s development
Is he any better than he was last season?

– Who mops up at the RB spot?
It used to be Mo, but he’s kind of the starter now.

We’ve been told that this is a professional locker room with great leaders. I believe that. Winning a game like this would validate those beliefs a bit. Seahawks teams of the past would definitely lose this. My head is telling me we’re going to lose, but I’m hoping for a solid victory leading us into the playoffs.

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  1. hawkblogger

    don’t be surprised to see the hawks try to get pollard involved. they want him to be another threat in the playoffs

  2. cwu91

    Some similarities between Alexander and Dunn this year from a statistics standpoint. Wonder what the cause of the decline was in Atlanta?

    Ugh, should have handed that off to Shaun…he had a huge lane

  3. cwu91

    I think your correct on Atlanta…the game has sort of a pre-season feel to it

  4. hawkblogger

    I was thinking about abraham as well. We likely would not have kearney if we had signed him. Not sure if we’re better off. I know abraham isn’t. 🙂

  5. cwu91

    Agreed…FA is a bit of a crap shoot. Hugh Douglas was another one that didn’t come to pass, thank god.

    Yet another on side kick, lol

  6. cwu91

    LOL, I wasn’t always that blessed. I came home from Germany in 84 to attend the original Battle in Seattle. Those tickets came courtesy of some work my Dad did for Rusty Tillman. Anyway, ole horseface beat the Hawks, and we wound up getting the wildcard.

    Stood in line most of the night (in the rain) down by the Kingdome to get the playoff tickets…a strip of three right under the diamond vision in the 300 level.

    That game was a fairly rowdy affair….I saw a Raider fan get tagged on the side of the head by a glass whiskey bottle as he was getting escorted out. The game was an absolute hoot. I still wear my old gear from that game to all home games.

    So, if you see a middle-age man wearing old team colors that don’t quite fit anymore….that would be me.

    Beautiful throw and catch right there. Hope Booby gets his hundred catches.

  7. hawkblogger

    I can only joke so much about being in the tough section. I’m under cover. Those crazies in the end zones eat raw meat.

    I did used to have the best seats in the Kingdome at the 50 yard line, very last row. I was able to touch the dome ceiling. Great way to watch a game, and back then, it was only $10/ticket.

  8. hawkblogger

    4.6 YPC in the first half. Maybe we should forget passing and just run. 🙂

    I’d expect to see Holmgren leave Hass in for at least one more series. If they score, he will be pulled.

  9. hawkblogger

    seneca audible. interesting to see how he does on those. decent first result. nice fight for yards by courtney taylor

  10. hawkblogger

    I’d like to see what Seneca can do in the shotgun. I think he’d be much more dangerous. when he played last year, Mike wasn’t allowing any shotgun.

  11. cwu91

    Nice job by hill on that stop. Anyway, a friend of mine here in Anchorage has a strip of five club seats (ah, the joys of being single) and makes it down for every home game.

    Mo running well today

  12. cwu91

    Nice pass protection….Not! I’d like to see Seneca get a chance to take a shot downfield…he throws a sweet deep ball.

    Nice kick Josh!

  13. cwu91

    Actually, we work together right down the street from the Great Alaska Bush Company…..maybe a power lunch there in the making : )

  14. hawkblogger

    running game is really showing me something this week. solid blocking. hey, I see Ray Willis in there at right guard.

  15. hawkblogger

    rob sims and chris spencer with some great blocks on that play, especially sims who walled his guy off to create the hole.

  16. hawkblogger

    okay. I’m going to risk jinxing the Hawks here. we’ve got 27 points. we’re 9-1 when scoring more than 20 pts this year. We’re going to win, even though we’re only up by one TD.

    of course, our defense is stinking it up right now.

  17. hawkblogger

    okay. now the only times we’ve allowed 27 or more pts this year, we’ve lost (Cleveland and New Orleans).

    stats are battling for supremacy today.

  18. cwu91

    Well….Mission Accomplished..no major injuries and enough ire on the coaches part to warrant disciplined practice this week.

    Should be a good game and I can’t wait….if you can make it to the exhibition hall Hawkblogger, I’ll buy ya a beer.

    Happy New Year!