If the Hawks attitude about this game resembles mine in any way, this could be a tougher game than you’d think. There is a palpable feeling this week among the fans and media that the Hawks have reached a new tier of strength and consistency. Lots of praise is being showered on them. When you’ve had three emotional wins in a row, culminating in a division championship, and then you head out on the road for a game against a weak opponent, you had better watch out.

Even with that setup, the Hawks should roll today. A big part of their win streak has been their ability to play at a consistently high level the last few weeks. Perhaps, more importantly, Carolina looks to be a doormat.

A few items I’ll be watching for to see if Holmgren is gearing up for the playoffs:

– Leonard Weaver
I think this this guy has untapped potential. I’d like to see Holmgren try some different things with him today to see if we can pull him out of a hat come playoff time.

– Marcus Pollard
Same thing here. I’d expect the Hawks to sacrifice a little bit of their normal game plan to see if they can force Pollard into a rhythm.

– Pressure from Non-Kerney’s
It’s time for the LeRoy Hill’s, Darryl Tapp’s and Julian Peterson’s to make other teams pay for double-teaming Kerney.

– #94 DT Howard Green
He played a fair amount last week. It will be interesting to see if that’s a new member of the rotation.

– Kelly Jennings breakout game
It’s coming. I’m going out on a limb and predicting a pick-6 for this guy. His breaks on the ball have been outstanding.

– Bobby getting to 1000 yards
He needs ~70 (too lazy to look up specifics) yard to get his first 1000-yard season. That would be nice to see.

– Shaun 100th TD
He’s one away.

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  1. cwu91

    BTW….morning Hawkblogger., early up here and im still working on the coffee

  2. cwu91

    Slim with the hands….most excellent D. Man that kid has come a long way…Heh, nice kick NOT!

  3. hawkblogger

    I was wondering when we’d see burleson on the end around this year.

    beauty, plack! got rid of it quickly as well.

  4. cwu91

    Well, keep this up and they will eventually find something that works on 3rd and short. Psst….mike, trying running weaver out of the upback position.

  5. hawkblogger

    not a great opening qtr on offense. defense looks solid, but we’re on the road and we need the offense to rip their heart out, or this will be a long day.

  6. cwu91

    You know Holmgren’s unhappy about that, but that was smart football on Matt’s part.

    Good call ref

  7. hawkblogger

    holmgren has completely reverted in his play calling. 11 passes, 9 rushes. I sincerely hope this is just reigning it in for Matt’s health, because we have proven how much better we are as a pass first team.

  8. cwu91

    That’s the problem with the empty set…few options other than receiver adjustments. Don’t like that call as a rule.

  9. hawkblogger

    this is not the game I expected. it was the game I was worried about, though. slow start, focus and execution is not quite there.

    need the defense to give us an advantage to get untracked.

  10. cwu91

    Yep, a forgettable half, save the defense and special teams.

    Robinson looks good….glad they got that squared away.

  11. hawkblogger

    the offense was back to pass first on the first drive, and it looks better. things fell apart when they returned to the run.

  12. Mike

    Moore is starting to look more and more confided (no pun intended).

    Great stop by the D on 4th & 1.

  13. cwu91

    Plenty of time left, but the offense has to step up and execute.

    Execute for one drive.


  14. hawkblogger

    odds are pretty slim you’re going to get that draw for 5 on 3rd down.

    whew…my heart stopped for a second on that kick by josh.

  15. cwu91

    Matt just held on to that too long….should have rolled him out

  16. cwu91

    Well, at least I can make my travel reservations now for the playoffs.

    Carolina, enjoy the offseason…I think yo found your QB

  17. hawkblogger

    what a joke. I talked about the chance of a laying an egg this week in my post, but I never expected this kind of embarrassment.


  18. cwu91

    Your point on Carolinas TD was spot on, and will not be overlooked by Holmgren as a coaching point.

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