No need to over analyze this one. It was a stinker, plain and simple. The best part may be that I no longer feel compelled to do an in-depth comparison of the 2005 Hawks and this version. So, here we sit at 9-5, guaranteed of finishing no better than a third seed and no worse than a fourth. The lower seed will have the easier road this year, but if we lose enough to get us to that point, it may not matter. I admit to splitting my attention between the game and the TNT Lord of the Rings marathon, so take my observations with a grain of salt:

  • Congrats to Bobby E on 1000 yards this year. Good for him
  • This game was on the offense and on our lack of pass pressure
  • I can’t remember the last time our leading rusher had under 20 yards rushing
  • The defensive gameplan was conservative, and the Panthers were bad enough that they still only scored a few points. I think we would have seen a much more rattled QB if we brought the pressure early and often.
  • No turnovers today on defense
  • That lapse on third down that led to a Panthers TD instead of a FG turned out to be a big deal. There is no guarantee we score the TD if they had gotten the FG, but you never know.
  • Plackemeier had his best day punting in quite some time (yes, it was that kind of game that gets those kind of observations)
  • I think Chris Gray and Rob Sims are killing us. Womack should be a starter at this point for one of them.

That’s really all I’ve got. Time to go forget this game happened.

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  1. cwu91

    Well, after watching my bosses team (Steelers) get rolled up by Jacksonville


    After watching my wife’s team (Cowboys) get rolled up by the Eagles..


    After watching the Dolphins stick it to the Ravens, Im forced to conclude that the dogs had their day today.

    That’s the NFL….any given day and all that.