It’s time to start worrying. The Hawks are getting national respect after their most recent win. Everywhere I look, people are jumping them up in their power rankings and talking about them as a sheik NFC playoff sleeper.

There’s quite a backlash on the ESPN Hashmarks Power Rankings.

But, what got me to write a post was when I saw Bill Parcels talking about us:

All Hawks fans get uncomfortable when we start getting this much attention. How can we complain about a lack of respect from the national media?

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  1. cwu91

    Parcells is spot on….teams that are lacking in playoff experience have a tendency to stumble in the playoffs. Sometimes its the coach, he gameplans away from the success that got his team into the postseason to begin with. Or players get too emotional and screw up at critical times.

    I saw Bradshaw smirking on Fox the other day after the game recap…and I have a good idea why. He considers the lack of a dominant running game as a sign of playoff weakness. What is the definition of dominant? Pittsburgh had 181 yds rushing, zero turnovers, and lost by three touchdowns last Sunday.

    Smart money will favor teams that can spread the field and score, without taking 8-9 minutes to do it.

    And of course, play good situational defense.