If things don’t work out this weekend, I will be the first to assume responsibility. Direct your anger here. Here I was, getting excited that we’re 48 hours away, and so I pulled the season ticket holder gift out of its resting place. For those that don’t know, the gift was one of those car flags with the number 12 on it.

I stuck it on my car window for the commute home only to have it snap off on the highway driving over the I-90 floating bridge. Not good.

I promise to wear my lucky underwear, sweatshirt, and hat up to game time as penance.

3 Responses

  1. cwu91

    LOL, well at least the I-90 bridge is still afloat. Now that would be a bad omen. Seriously, I think it will be a competitive game and I like the Hawks chances.

    20% chance of snow with a high of about 32. Light winds. Can’t ask for better weather in January.


    I think the Hawks have success running the ball as well.

    The spread offense of GB worries me a bit, particularly if they go no-huddle. Which I expect they will do at some point.

  2. Hawkgirl

    The first home game after those flags arrived there were literally HUNDREDS of them all over the road. Worst gift EVER from the Hawks because they snapped off the moment you got over 40 MPH.

    That game, the home opener, you might remember, we WON.