It’s game day, folks. Pressure is mostly off. Most folks aren’t expecting a Seahawks win, and generally aren’t even expecting a close game.

Frankly, I’m just looking forward to watching another Hawks playoff game. This is our NFC Championship game as far as I’m concerned, because if we win this, we’re going to the Super Bowl.

I can accept any outcome if the Hawks come to play and the refs call a fair game. I’ll be at a buddies house during the game, but he’s more of a geek than me, so there should be a computer I can log onto to post some thoughts during the game.


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  1. hawkblogger

    Heineken mini-keg…check
    Bean dip…check
    Massive Seahawks mug…check
    Friends that swear at least as much as me during the game…check and check
    Total inability to wait any longer…check

  2. cwu91

    Do you have a mailbox on this site??? If so, I’ll send you something from my archives.

  3. cwu91

    Let the streak end today….I sent these in two parts. Sorry for the file size, but I didn’t want to lose the detail.


  4. cwu91

    That was the Nate route…giving us a dose of our own medicine

  5. cwu91

    Poor execution on that series….see if they work the screen in on the next series

    Let’s go D!

  6. Mike

    confidence on both sides of the ball slipping for the Hawks. Need to hold to a FG.

  7. cwu91

    Damn….that’s what you get wih Farve…..pulling the rabbit out of his ass

  8. Mike

    patrick kerney and Julian petersen please check into the 2nd half of the game.

    Btw horrible announers. How about an update on our top receiver?

  9. cwu91

    Well, this weather should favor the running game….gonna half to bring the safeties up

  10. Mike

    good season. This game played at home or in semi-dry conditions would look a lot different. Hawks obviously have a lot of work to do on the running game next season.

  11. cwu91

    Yes they do Mike, and they need upgrades at TE and O-line.

    Hope Holmgren comes back…you don’t want to retire on this

  12. cwu91

    Well, congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks for a great season. Hopefully, they will make the upgrades to return to the postseason next year.

    Playing at home cannot be understated.

    Hat Tip to Ted Thompson…he’s really got it going in Green Bay