I could not find enough time in the day to post every bit of analysis I had for the Redskins game last week. One would think that a week later, with a bigger game, would lead to at least as much motivation. It hasn’t, and I’m wondering why.

The most obvious things are:

  1. The Hawks chances of winning seem more slim than in any playoff game in three years
  2. I feel pretty satisfied with that win last week. Even if we don’t win another game, I’d consider the season a success.

After completing the Packers game log, I was surprised to see how few story lines there really were. The teams are essentially identical, although GB is a better passing team, and the Packers are playing at home. One of the key indicators of Seahawks success this year has been sacks. The Packers almost never give up sacks.

I’m glad I’m not the defensive coordinator for the Hawks because I really don’t know what the gameplan should be. People always say, “stop the run,” but this team thrived without a running game for most of the season and use their short passing game to supplement the run. There aren’t any receivers you can really focus on like a Santana Moss because there are so many weapons, including multiple tight ends.

The one thing that I keep coming back to is that great football word, “physicality.” The Hawks defense needs to knock the snot out of the Packers players. The GB offense is the football equivalent of the Dallas Mavericks from a couple years back. They put up a ton of points and have a ton of weapons, but don’t like to get into a bruising half-court game. Has Greg Jennings gotten punished for his willingness to fight for extra yards? Donald Driver is a tough guy and the clear leader of the group. What happens if you knock him out of the game? Do the other WRs get a little tentative?

I tend to avoid analysis with no substance to back it up. That’s really all I have this week. I have actually enjoyed the way things have played out. It’s nice being the clear underdog. It’s nice playing a team you don’t hate with a passion (like last year’s Bears or the Cowboys). There might be a slim chance that we win, but there is also a slim chance that we play below expectations. I am looking forward to kicking back and watching what should be a great game in a great location with great football weather.

I’ll be back later with a look at the forgotten game: Seahawks beat Packers 34-24 last year.

2 Responses

  1. cwu91

    Well, you have a young team coming off a bye week with little playoff experience. There’s been a pretty good roster turnover since 2003 for Green Bay, as well as for the Hawks.

    Seattle has fared well playing against west coast teams over the last few years.

    The weather doesn’t appear to be a factor going into the game.

    There are other intangibles…..Holmgren’s play calling experience as one that stands out.

    Keep the faith…

  2. hawkblogger

    thanks, man. To be clear, I have not lost any faith in the Hawks, or given up on the outcome.

    I think the “not feeling it” is much more about the lack of clear storylines. There are not the clear matchups that we must win the way there usually are.

    It’s kind of odd that way. I think the game defies prediction, and that could be very good for us.

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