Looks like it won’t be particularly pass-friendly on Saturday. The forecast is calling for rain. I think that favors the Redskins and their running game.

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  1. Hawkgirl

    Here is what the national media is saying, which I unfortunately agree with…from msnbc.com

    The Seahawks have been one of the most perplexing teams in the NFL. They play great at home (7-1) and poorly on the road (3-5). They’re invincible one week and get stepped on the next. They pine for former MVP Shaun Alexander one week, then declare they’re a passing team the next. Two things jump out about Seattle’s resume entering the playoffs. First, they’re the worst of the playoff teams, No. 15 overall, in total defense, worse than the Chiefs and Ravens. Second, they’re tied for 10th in the conference in rushing touchdowns with only nine. More than anything that reveals itself statistically, the feeling here is that the Seahawks simply don’t play consistently enough with the kind of passion that has characterized the Redskins’ play the last four games. All of it adds up to the Redskins beating Seattle on Saturday and making the trip the following week to Dallas.

    Here’s hoping our “dominant” Hawks show up this week.

  2. hawkblogger

    I don’t disagree with the inconsistency statement. I do, however, greatly disagree with the statement that the Hawks are the worst defense in the playoffs.

    This analysis focuses on the Hawks’ weaknesses, but mentions nothing of their strengths.

  3. Hawkgirl

    True that hawkblogger. Seems no one sees our strengths at the moment, lots of folks picking us to lose. It’s hard to know what to expect in the playoffs because you can throw everything out the window, it’s a new season.

    I immensely enjoy your blog, thanks for keeping it up!

  4. hawkblogger

    thanks, hawkgirl. getting comments on posts, and having conversations with other fans is by far the best part.

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