Alge moves on. Look for a TE early in the draft, and I’m not sure that’s the worst thing.

2 Responses

  1. Posh

    We really need a decent RB firstly and foremostly. Do you really think we’ll go TE in the 1st after having done this several years back with Stevens? I hope not. I know TE is an integral part of the WCO but RBs provide so much more overall. If we have the opporutnity of grabbing Stewart, I say we take him over an TE.

  2. hawkblogger

    Absolutely agree about the RB and about Stewart. It’s unlikely Stewart would be available and unlikely the Hawks will trade up to get him.

    Many mock drafts show the best TE in the draft, a kid from USC, to be going to the Hawks in round one. RB is one of the deepest positions in the draft, and we could get a very solid prospect–Ray Rice is an interesting option–in a later round.

    Teams generally like to set themselves up to pick the best player available in the draft, especially in the early rounds, instead of drafting for need. Things have not worked out that way thus far for the Hawks in free agency.