Friday, August 8, 2008

2008 Pre-Season Game 1: Hawks @ Vikings

Late to the party with a game post. Taping the game on DVR, so I'll be watching later...if I can steal some time away from the visiting in-laws.

Go Hawks!


Hawkgirl said...

No comments? I thought the offense looked pretty good. O line held, Vallos even did a stellar job with just a few not so great moments. The D first team was a bit stinky--Trufant especially. And special teams--a 50+ yard return--yikes. All in all though, not bad.

Hope you're going to blog more as the season gets underway.

hawkblogger said...

The in-laws are sucking up all my time! I'm actually watching the game for a second time right now, but this time without the inane chatter...