This is an open thread for gameday. I’ll be here throughout the game tonight for anyone that wants to chat.

Holy moly. Guess where the Seahawks rank so far in the pre-season in yards rushing. Go on, guess. Wrong. They rank #1 in the NFL (201.5 yds/game). Now guess where they rank in pts scored/game. You can do it. Bzzzzzzzz. They rank #1 in the NFL (31.5 pts/game). How about total yardage? That’s right, #1 in the NFL (425 yds/game). What about our defense? Run defense is always important, let’s check how we’re doing there…yup…#1 in the NFL (51.5 yds/game). We’re slacking a bit in total yds allowed at #4 in the NFL (251.5 yds allowed/game).

Does that psych anyone else up? I know it’s pre-season and all, but being #1 in the NFL in something like rushing yards at ANY point in the season is huge for the Hawks. Lost in all the noise about who is getting the yards is that we *are* getting yards, and lots of them.

Feel free to browse more stats on’s Hawks page.

Things I’ll be watching for:

– Running Game
Can we continue our success against another stingy defense?

– Road Defense
Defending on the road was horrible last year. This is our last pre-season road game to show we can be stout away from Qwest. The Minnesota and Chicago games looked eerily like the way the D played last year home and away. Let’s break that pattern in a tough place tonight.

– WRs
Holmgren says is going to force the ball to Taylor and Obamanu. Will that work with Frye at QB? I think Taylor is up to the challenge as I’ve seen him wrestle DBs for the ball in his short stints last season. I’d love to see Seneca get some snaps, but I have not heard final word on that. I also would really like to see Payne get some more chances as I continue to believe he can be a solid contributor this season.

– Kicker
Mare gets all the action tonight. He has been a mediocre kicker the past few seasons. I would love to see him hit some 45+, 50+ kicks. I’d also like to see them try the onsides stuff.

– RBs
I’ve already wrote about this enough, but I’d hate to see Forsett struggle and Duckett do well. I fear that Ruskell will force Duckett onto the team if there is even a hint of ability there. I’m also curious to see what Julius Jones does. He looked average at best last week. More passes to Owen Schmidt please!

– DEs
What does Lawrence Jackson do against a good o-line? Can Jason Babin continue to show up in each game? Will Baraka Atkins make an appearance?

Can the game start now, please?

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  1. hawkblogger

    I’m watching ESPN coverage. Typical national coverage so far. Jaworski talking about how Julius Jones replaces Alexander. Anyone following the team know Morris is the favorite to start thus far.

    And where did Jones get this reputation to be a good receiver out of the backfield? He’s adequate at best. Look at his stats.

  2. hawkblogger

    It’s kind of nice having our 3rd-stringer going against Phillip Rivers. We have a built-in low expectation. Any kind of success gets amplified.

  3. hawkblogger

    nice catch CT! I love that he is a physical receiver. He seems very comfortable making a play with guys hanging on him

  4. hawkblogger

    nice catch Weaver. Frye seems to struggle with the swing passes. he missed one to Duckett last week that would have been a TD as well.

  5. hawkblogger

    that was a really promising drive from the shadow of our own goal line. The false start seemed to really break our rhythm.

  6. hawkblogger

    running game continues to be strong. Jaws just said the seahawks o-line is “dominating the line of scrimmage”

    name one time anyone said that during a game last season.

  7. hawkblogger

    another nice stand at the goal line. I’d rather see them get a 3 and out, but it’s a positive nonetheless

  8. hawkblogger

    Momentum clearly shifting to Chargers. Interesting to see what happens on offense this series. Our defense has been a huge letdown so far…yep there goes Jones down for a big loss

  9. hawkblogger

    1st Half Thoughts:

    the story of the half was the Chargers running game. We had been allowing 51/game and have allowed 95 in the first half today.

    nice to see 79 yards rushing at half. That’s three games in a row that we’ve looked strong rushing against tough defenses. Jones looked better today.

    Frye was solid.

    Our defense was just tossed around. We’re not dictating anything.

    Mare missed his only attempt.

    Willis seemed okay.

    Courtney Taylor played fine. No Obamanu. John Carlson looked solid.

  10. hawkblogger

    Holmgren is taking a look at a single back Weaver backfield. I wonder what he’s after.

    Weaver has not impressed so far running the ball.

  11. hawkblogger

    Great play by Kent! Nice protection from the line. Nice patience by Frye. Kent is really starting to stand out now. He came back to the ball and then got some additional yards

  12. hawkblogger

    The second unit on defense is certainly doing better against the chargers backups than our 1st unit did against theirs

  13. hawkblogger

    Forsett does not seem to be comfortable catching the ball in traffic. I’ve seen him let a lot of balls bounce

  14. hawkblogger

    bad turn of events for Forsett. Duckett’s strong series and a Forsett fumble is probably as bad as he could do. Let’s see how he responds.