Here ya go. Charlie Frye…yay.

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  1. funballad

    this is Funballad,
    Hiya. today is final trade day. i doubt we will pick anyone up on trades. Any old has been quarter backs out there as free agents? I see matt will be gone another week and senica is still a question mark. So it seems charlie may get Fryed again this week in tampa bay. How can a team that looked so good on paper this year have so much bad luck. Do you think the coaches forgot to make sure the players were in physical shape to start the season? Is it possible they spent all that money on new equipment and facilities and couldnt read the instructions on how to use the equipment?
    [Rant Off]
    all isnt lost yet. if we win all our remaining games in the division and any 3 other games outside the division we can still win the division. Sounds like a pipe dream at this point but the west isnt the toughest division to win.

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