As I write this, the St Louise Rams are beating the Cowboys 21-7. I’m also watching backup Bengals QB Ryan Fitzpatrick shredding the Steelers. Do these things make me hopeful we can pull off a big upset today or piss me off since other teams seem to be able to pick themselves up off the turf more than my beloved Hawks? A little from column A, and a little from column B.

My biggest hope for today is that Seneca is healthy enough that we get a glimpse of what he can do in charge of the team. I saw a starting QB in him during the preseason. He was a passable backup when he subbed for Matt two years ago, but he looked far more confident running the team earlier this year.

Realistically, we’re setup for a serious butt whupping tonight. I’ve already started evaluating who might be available in 2009 draft class if we get a top 10 pick. The struggling offense is certainly part of that, but it’s our defense that is the real issue. We don’t have injury issues to point a finger at on that side of the ball.

It was inexcusable for our defense to surrender 27 points against the Packers at home last week. Lofa talked a lot of shit in the preseason about how they were going to shut out five teams this season. I don’t think we’ve shut out a team for a single quarter yet!

The nice thing is that it will be hard for the Seahawks to disappoint tonight. See ya here.

29 Responses

  1. hawkblogger

    interesting that we have the look of a team that could actually beat the bucs, but a slip on defense and we’re probably in trouble

  2. cwu91

    I like the push by bryant. Wahl gets the bad timing award. Again

  3. cwu91

    Poor read by Seneca. Ole 84 was wide open. Blatent holding on the bucs on that run

  4. hawkblogger

    shame that we were actually the better team even as hamstrung as we were. defense played pretty darn well save that first deep pass that I think was questionable offensive PA.