Congrats to Shaun Alexander for getting a much deserved second chance. I can safely cheer for the Redskins this year now that the Seahawks are dead. I really hope Shaun makes an impact for Zorn.

I will be writing more about the Hawks soon, but I’m totally consumed by the Trail Blazers and my new NBA 2K9 video game right now. Thank God I’m not a Sonics fan, or you might be reading my obituary.

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  1. Hawkgirl

    I was happy for him as well. Shawn being the “problem” doesn’t look so valid anymore (at least not 100%).

    At the game this past Sunday the guy I sit next to said, “I wish we could have kept Zorn and had Mora go to the Huskies.” Couldn’t agree more.

  2. funballad

    Good luck SA. I always liked him. I just hope he relearns how to turn it up field instead of sideways.
    Also, Glad to have ya as a Trailblazer fan. Living in Oregon City I have been a die hard fan for since the beginning. I am still in Mourning over the loss of Duckworth this summer. Was a real shock as big a community man as he was. He was one of the few that gave more back to the community after his retirement then he did during his years as a blazer.