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The best thing I can say is that we may have a better record than the 49ers the next time we play them due to schedule differences. Unfortunately, I can’t say we’ll be a better team.


  • The Seahawks defense is not above average. It looks very much like what we saw last season. Injuries play a part in that, but the scheme is far from the attacking style we kept hearing about. Our players are rarely in the opposing backfield or coming free on blitzes.
  • It’s time to realize that Forsett gives us the best chance to win and sit Julius Jones down. Jones has not made a single play that I don’t think Forsett would have made. Forsett, though, has made at least a couple plays every game that Jones would not make.
  • Our offense has no rhythm. Yes, we scored 28 points last week, but it was not exactly in a repeatable fashion.
  • Lawrence Jackson may be worth keeping around
  • David Hawthorne is not Lofa Tatupu
  • The 49ers may win this division, but are not a threat to win even a single playoff game. Any team with a reliable offense beats this team.
  • Outside of the 79 and 80 yards runs, the other 27 runs went for 97 yards and a 3.59 YPC. You can’t take away those big plays because they happened, but it’s amazing what that does.
  • I think Housh is a ticking time bomb. He seems pissed.

This loss makes our road schedule all the more daunting. It’s not inconceivable that we go winless on the road, even if we recover and start playing better. A win against Chicago becomes critical to keep the season moving forward, or we stare 1-3 in the face with a game @Indy next.

3 Responses

  1. Lori Thompson

    It was painful. I know we have the injuries but there seemed to be zero fight in anyone that wasn't injured. And, I think you're right about Housh. He saw what Cincy did and thought, "I'm here for this and Carlson is the #1target?" I have no idea how Mora will handle the eventual blow up though, he doesn't seem as strong as Holmgren was/is.

    Thanks for always telling it like it is.

  2. Anonymous

    Its only two games and we still got a whole season to go but after this season, we will finally get to see why we ran off the wrong person after last season.

    Holmgren is and will always be the greatest administrator this franchise has ever had.

  3. hawkblogger

    The thought about Holmgren coming back next season certainly crossed my mind yesterday.

    The problem for this year is just that this defense does not seem that different from anything we've seen the past few seasons. When I watch a Steeler game or Vikings game or Giants game or half a dozen other teams, I see hitting and domination that I simply don't see with this team. I trace it back to our LBs. As of right now, they are incredibly overrated. Lofa and LeRoy's best seasons were their rookie years. Curry has been okay, but not special. We are on the ropes, for sure.

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