It’s not really worth analyzing this game today. A win requires excellent coaching, dominating performances from at least a few of our remaining best players (Kerney, Housh, Carlson), and a sub-par day from the Bears.

Seneca is a strength going into the game, not a weakness. I would still prefer to have Matt, but I continue to think Seneca gives a great chance to win when he plays.

Since I have been traveling all week, and will be for the next 3-4, I’ll be home during the game today, so you can join the live chat here. I’m looking forward to the new jerseys.

21 Responses

  1. Hawkgirl

    I'll be at the game so I'll miss the chat. Can't wait to see the new Jerseys and pants. Seems to be that you either love them or hate them. Go Hawks!

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