I’ll be watching, as always. Do your best and you will win. I just can’t stand the seabirds. There is something about the northwest folks – they just think they are better than the rest of us. They have been making fun of St. Louis for years. Very condescending I think. Punch them in the mouth a few times and see how they like it. – Rams Fan On STLToday Forums

The sun is rising. The house is quiet. All that confidence built up over an unusually sharp pre-season wanes as we face the reality that everything counts now. The team we saw in the pre-season could have been a mirage. It wouldn’t be the first time. The Rams team that has been so pitiful the last few seasons could be poised for a comeback year. Even if they are destined for devastation, they don’t know it yet. We will get their best shot because it is hard to say, “Here we go again,” when this is their first game. Their offensive line is anchored by a 320 lb center and a new young tackle. Bulger’s ceiling is higher than 75% of the QBs in the NFL. It’s been a long time since he was in a system that worked for him with a line that protected him. Stephen Jackson should be known as “The Battering” Ram. He attacks with size and speed. Yet, even in the most optimistic Rams picture, their defense looks like swiss cheese, and their offense is littered with so much inexperience that consistency and precision will be hard to come by.

Now let’s add in a 2,000 mile plane ride, and about 130 dB of Qwest Field madness. While we’re at it, we should sprinkle in a 250lb pit bull playing linebacker darting around the line, straining against the chain of an unsnapped football, feasting on QB fear. It is probably not fair to add the NFL’s leading receiver over the last three seasons and a Pro Bowl-level quarterback. Only the truly depraved would allow a record-setting tight end to join the party.

And the doubts start to subside. And the sun shines brighter. And the new NFL season is upon us…waiting for the truth to be revealed.

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