Monday, December 21, 2009

Don't Fret About Tampa

By far the biggest disappointment of my Sunday was getting to the Seahawks game way too early. I dilly-dallied at Uwajimaya, walked slowly to the stadium, and up the stairs to my seats, but I still had almost an hour to kill by the time I sat down. By the time my friend arrived and the game started, it was a major relief.

Perhaps, that played a role in my total lack of concern or frustration about our loss to lowly Tampa. After all, it was far better to watch the Hawks going through the motions on the field than watching them practice the motions before the game. My emotional distance from the team and the game helped me discover what may have been the root cause of what we saw. While Jim Mora asking for "dirt bags" was getting a lot of talk this week, I think the players thought he was asking them to play like douche bags. He really *IS* getting through to them! Next week he should ask them to play like Super Bowl Chumps, and hope they hear Champs instead.

Anyone out there that believes Jim Mora and his staff can lead this team to the playoffs, let alone the Super Bowl simply is not paying attention. The team has given up in a way I've rarely seen a Seahawks team give up. We are not lacking in crappy Seahawks teams to compare to either. Mora hangs his hat on being an emotional leader. When he is not even getting the team to play hard, you are left to examine his coaching, and let me just say, "blech."

The good news is we lost a game I never thought we'd lose. This loss gives us a real shot at the #6 pick. A costly win would have put us as low as #12, depending on other team results. Make no mistake about it, we need a franchise player, and possibly two, to start any climb back toward respectability. If we lose out, we may even get the chance to pick a new coach, which also puts us on a better path. This season has been over since the Week Three loss to the Bears. Don't waste a minute of your precious time worrying about the Tampa game. Save your anger and frustration for something that actually matters.


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