Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last Sack Tidbit

Reader Mr Posh asked if there was a relationship between the decline in the total number of NFL players with 10+ sacks, and the overall team sack totals in the NFL. My earlier posts didn't answer that question directly, but take a look at this graphic:

Between 2006 and 2008, the overall sack totals for NFL teams declined by an average of 10.9%. During the same period, the number of players with 10+ sacks declined 33.33%. There is obviously some relationship there, but it would not be accurate to say that a drop in the number of 10+ sack players equals a drop in overall sack totals across the league. Instead, it appears sacks are being distributed more evenly across defenses.

It is, of course, debatable whether that trend is due to a lack of individual pass rush talent in today's NFL or it is due to new defensive schemes that are becoming vogue. What do you think?


Mr Posh said...

Great stuff again Hawkblogger. Really interesting read.

I'm certainly no expert re defensive schemes, but I wonder if the DCs around the league have used less blitzing packages -- fewer CBs in on the act -- revised patterns within the Tampa 2, 4-3/3-4 etc?

Without deep analysis we won't be able to extrapolate this type of data.

I'm off on my hols here as it's the bank holiday w/e here in the UK so if I get time amongst looking after the little one I'll see what I can deduce.

hawkblogger said...

I'd love to hear what you find out. I'd be happy to publish it.