On of the faithful 4 may just love sacks more than I do. The peerless Mr Posh has done some serious heavy lifting on the stat front, breaking down stats across the NFL over the past handful of seasons.

Take a look at his spreadsheet here: https://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=0Ahu3CB_rokzmdDB0emlpTGJDU3hDaUo0Z3Y0blZCZlE&output=html

In particular, I love the SEA – Sacks by position tab that shows us which positions have contributed sacks for the Hawks. Check out the major drop-off from the LB spot in the last two years. That can largely be attributed to Julian Peterson’s departure and the lack of sacks from Tatupu and Hill. Our DT position was non-existent in the pass rush last season (2.5).

The By Division tab is also chock-full-o-intrigue. It’s a moderate surprise that the Seahawks have led the division in avg sacks/season since 2002. Both Arizona and SF had major sack jumps last year with +12 and +14 respectively.

It was also interesting to see in the Div Comparison tab that the NFC appears to get more sacks than the AFC. I encourage you to pour through the numbers and tell us what you find. Mr Posh, please tell us your thoughts!

2 Responses

  1. Mr Posh

    Hi HB 🙂

    Firstly many many thanks for publishing my sack stats "compendium". Really appreciate it and more than happy to contribute — believe me when I say it was a labour of love!

    Secondly, glad you like it and I hope those who pass by also find it interesting too 🙂

    Yes, absolutely. The loss of Peterson and the injuries to Lofa and Hill (Hill also being used differently to his rookie year) have certainly hit the LB team's numbers.

    One interesting thing of note from the linear graph is that during our SB year in 2005/06 all key areas on the DL (DEs, DTs and to a lesser extent LBs) were very tightly gathered together numerically which may give a good hint that all systems were firing in all cylinders that year.

    The same too applies for 2006/07 (in fact even moreso) but our season was less emphatic due to offensive changes and struggles – Hutch was gone and Shaun was struggling with injuries.

    Like yourself HB, I was surprised by Seattle's lead in terms of divisional sacks since 02 also. Not complaining though!

    Cheers 🙂

  2. Mr Posh

    I should qualify these 2 parts:

    > give a good hint that all systems were firing in all cylinders that year

    all systems being the DEs, Dts & LBs.

    > The same too applies for 2006/07 (in fact even moreso)

    The linear graph I plotted obviously doesn't show up in the Google spreadsheet but it does show a very tight bunching of sack numbers for the 06/07 season for the 3 key sack positions.