Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hawk Blogger Podcast: Week 4

Ryan Burns of and Justin Stine of joined me for some NFL talk and an in-depth look at this weekends Rams/Seahawks matchup.

Justin was forced to weather the Hawk Blogger initiation, but even after a kick to the Ramgina, he put on an excellent show. You'll never guess who his favorite Ram of all-time is, and you may be surprised to hear what he thinks of Shaun Alexander.

You thought the Steven Jackson injury was important, but Justin thinks it is worth 20+ points. We also discuss the merits of the Rams trading Jackson while he's in his prime. There is lots of other good stuff as well.

Without further adieu, please take a listen and let me know what you think!

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Jeff said...

Another great podcast HB.
Regarding Mora, what a doosh that guy is. He needs to shut the hell up

hawkblogger said...

Thanks, Jeff! Glad someone is listening!

Pablo said...

Great stuff HB! LOL, Mora is a moron! When will that guy get over the fact that he sucks as a head coach? Also, with the win against the Rams (crossing my fingers), it will be nice to enter the bye 3-1. I believe we have a huge chance for a win against Da Bears. We will be rested up and ready to go!