It’s time for the most important question. With all the movement, who’s on solid enough footing to buy their jersey? As the proud owner of an Ahman Green and Koren Robinson jersey, I will do everyone a favor and not curse any Seahawk with a jersey purchase.

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  1. Hawkgirl

    What is scary is that I had a HARD time figuring out who would be safe and that Carlson (have his already) is looking shaky so even he's not safe. Yipes! I'm going to purchase a new one this year as my last was Carlson and am thinking Earl Thomas but feel nervous about even that choice.

    HB, you going to the opener?

  2. Mr Posh

    I remember when I was in Seattle in 2007 and popped into one of the shops along the main concourse outside Qwest and saw loads of Tubbs shirts on the rail. Kinda odd feel about it at the time, especially knowing his career was in the balance.

    I go for Okung, unless he needs microfracture surgery by Week 5!

    One thing that keeps me feeling positive is that Anthony Munoz suffered knee injuries in college and was avoided by a lot of NFL teams in the draft and look how he turned out!