Thanksgiving is a favorite in the HawkBlogger household. We fly all over creation to celebrate. HawkBloggerWife has family in NY, I have family in Boston. Family politics, cramped hotel rooms, bad football games, and great food somehow combine for a special day year-after-year. Before the day inevitably spins beyond my control, I wanted to take a few seconds to express thanks.

There is plenty to be thankful for. Pete Carroll and John Schneider have almost instantly changed the trajectory of my favorite franchise. My favorite Seahawk of all-time has enjoyed a resurrection, passing for more yards than he has since 2002 in a two-week span. The backfield is full of more talent than anytime since 2005. Mike Williams may become the best Seahawks wide receiver since Steve Largent, and nothing was sacrificed in order to add him to the roster. Russell Okung could be everything we could have hoped for in a Walter Jones replacement, maybe more. The offense has become more fun to watch than almost any season since 2005 after being one of the most anemic just a few weeks ago.

Red Bryant could be a cornerstone in turning around the defensive line for years to come. Colin Cole raised his play to near Pro Bowl level before injury. Chris Clemons has been every bit the pass rusher we needed. Aaron Curry has raised his level of play. Lawyer Milloy has been an inspiration. Earl Thomas will challenge for defensive rookie of the year.

People actually read my ramblings. Hawkgirl and CWU91 are my oldest and dearest readers. Pablo enthusiastically urged me to try new things like podcasting. Jeff is a consistent commenter. I’m thankful for DKSB’s swearing and raw optimistic emotion and Seahawk Addicts sense of humor. Being able to have a conversation with people I’ve never met through Twitter, along with people I’ve always wanted to meet like Ray Roberts, Liz Mathews and Mitch Levy is pretty darn cool.

Oops, and there’s HawkBloggerSon asking why I’m not coming down for breakfast. The day is officially beginning, and I’m thankful for that as well. Have a great day, and thanks for reading!

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3 Responses

  1. DKSB

    Thanks for the shout out, man! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving- Keep up the great work over here!

  2. Jeff

    AH yeah! Thanks for the shout HB! Happy Thanksgiving to you and to all of the Seahawk community out there. Enjoy the food and GO HAWKS!

  3. Hawkgirl

    Awww, a Turkey Day shout out! I have loved this blog since the day I found it and have read every single thing you've ever posted. I love your level headed perspective on things and your passion for the team I adore so much. Happiest of Thanksgivings to you and Hawkblogger family!