Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Weekly Podcast With Softy: Week 6

KJR950AM sports radio host Dave "Softy" Mahler and I recorded our second weekly conversation about the Seahawks.

We talked about Whitehurst, the Browns, "sucking for Luck," and the young secondary.

Tell me what you think. Tell me what you'd like us to cover in the future. Hope you like it!

**Listen to the Podcast**


FWBrodie said...

Wanted to listen to the last one, but never got around to it. Glad I listened to this one. You guys definitely exceeded my expectations. Can't wait for the next one.

FWBrodie said...

Topic idea:

The running backs. Are we happy with this group? Is Justin Forsett worth his roster spot anymore? Are they being used correctly by the coaches?

Neil Christensen said...

Kudos on these Softy podcasts! Please keep them coming.

hawkblogger said...

Glad you guys liked it. Be sure to drop softy a note on Twitter @softykjr or an email to let him know. This is a new thing for him.