The Seahawks defense and individual defenders are rising up the charts like an Adelle single. Check out some of these numbers:

– Brandon Browner is #1 in the NFL with 20 passes defensed and #2 in the NFL with 6 interceptions

– Richard Sherman has 14 passes defensed, good for 15th in the NFL, after only 8 starts. He also has 3 interceptions.

– Red Bryant now has more career interception returns for touchdown (1) than Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, and Richard Sherman combined. He also has as many picks this season as Earl Thomas.

– After netting only two turnovers in the first four games of the season, the Seahawks defense has forced 27 in the 11 games since, and 18 in the last 6 games.

– The Seahawks rank #2 in the NFL with 29 forced turnovers, three behind the league-leading packers.

– Seattle’s +8 turnover differential ranks #3 in the NFL behind Green Bay and San Francisco

– Seattle’s 21 interceptions rank #2 in the NFL

– Seattle is allowing 5.0 yards per play, good for 5th in the NFL

– Seattle is ranked #6 in opponent scoring at 19.5 points/game

– The Seahawks have allowed opposing quarterbacks to complete 56.4% of their passes for a 6.2 average, with 10 touchdowns and 16 interceptions since Richard Sherman joined the starters. That’s good for a combined opponent passer rating of 64.1 over nine games.

– Seattle was allowing opposing QBs a 91.4 passer rating after five games in the season. They now rank #5 in the NFL with a combined 74.8 opponent passer rating.

– Seattle has allowed the 7th fewest passing touchdowns

– Seattle ranks #4 in explosive (20+ yard) passing plays allowed with 36

– Seattle ranks #8 in yards/game against

– Seattle is tied for #4 in opponent yards/carry with 3.7

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