It was just a few days ago that I had boldly predicted Tarvaris Jackson’s time on the Seahawks roster was winding down. Some new information has come to light that has me not only questioning that prediction, but whether Matt Flynn will be the starter.

I don’t have time for a lengthy article today, so I recorded a podcast on the drive to work.

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8 Responses

  1. .justin

    Write the article! We can't all be sea-casters! (also, it doesn't appear to be showing up in iTunes app)

  2. hawkblogger

    Hmmm…it is showing up for me on iTunes. Might want to double-check that. You can also just click the link and listen to the MP3.

    Gotta do my day job, my man!

  3. Anonymous

    Hawkman says-I pray your wrong. If Tjax is the starter we are going to be in for another long season offensively. It is MORE than obvious that he does not read Defenses well nor quickly Like a vet /starter needs to. He appears in watching the games Live /and Tv that his vision is basically half the field. Listening to Brock Huard (who is watching live alot @ OTA's ) his opinion is that MF is definately in the lead for the job. Whether Tjax has 50 starts or not should not matter at this point , he has been in this same system for SEVEN years and still looked like a DEER in headlights at times. It is time to move on , one way or another!!!!

  4. eburghawkfan

    Smoke and mirrors.

    Pete is just motivating Flynn and Wilson with rhetoric like this. And, he's making T-Jak more confident (which is what he needs most) at the same time.

    If T-Jak continues to fail at reading defenses, he will not be the starter. If he suddenly gets the ability to read defenses… who know what he's capable of?

    Either way, the hawks are better off. I trust PC and JS will know if/when to pull the plug on Jackson.

  5. Eegwaybeegway

    Great podcast!
    It's clear that Tarvaris made huge strides as the offense grew as a whole in the second half of last season.
    With a full offseason, that progress will continue to flourish. The guy has developed a great chemistry with his wide receivers and the team enjoys him and has faith in him as their quarterback.
    What's more to like?
    And this isn't necessarily indicative of Flynn's flaws. It's as you said, he hasn't done enough to separate himself from Tarvaris and that bodes well for Tarvars … and the Hawks.

  6. Anonymous

    Even "Big Balls Pete" has got to think real hard before trotting TJ out as the starter with Flynn and Wilson on the roster.The first time TJ throws the ball away on 4th down or takes multiple sacks on a late scoring drive the walls will come down at Qwest field.

  7. Anonymous

    Flynn's ONLY job right now is to learn the offense. And according to him he's doing fine with it. Waaay to early to judge anything from him.