Alright, thanks for all the suggestions. Here is the plan:

THE PLACE:  Saddle Ranch Chop House
ADDRESS: 9375 West Coyotes Boulevard, Glendale, AZ 85305
TIME: 9:30 AM (feel free to arrive earlier)

I like to watch the early games before heading over to the stadium. If anyone arrives before I get there, be sure to either send me an email or shoot me a tweet @HawkBlogger.

Go Hawks!!
The game against the Cardinals will be my first road contest ever. I know there are a lot of Seahawks fans making the trip, and a bunch of folks already based in Phoenix. Let’s find a place to party pre-game.

I don’t know the area, so let’s start a discussion on this post to figure out the best place to meet and get ready for the season opener. 

3 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    The area right by the stadium (Westgate) has a few good bars to choose from. Saddle ranch would be the one that I would recommend.

  2. Aaron T Fields

    The Westgate entertainment/stadium is basically in the adjacent parking lot to the Univ of Phx Stadium. There are a ton of restaurants, shops, etc. I would say Saddle Ranch (cowboy bar, big food portions), McFadden's Irish Bar or Yardhouse Brewery would be a good food/drink pre-funk spot. However, there are usually Cardinals based events going on at most places. But fortunately for us, Hawks fans represent well there as this is my second time going! Go Hawks!

  3. ZonaHawk

    Saddle Ranch is good….or….Salty Senoritas by the M's spring traing facility