This blog has been a passion project for five years. I would write it if nobody read it. Never did I consider it a vehicle to make money. That is, until this year. It occurred to me that all those emails I was ignoring from companies that wanted to post ads on my site could be used for something better. Even if I didn’t want the money, someone else could benefit from it. That is why you can now buy tickets to events from my site, or Seahawks gear or even order Zeek’s pizza, and all the proceeds I get are donated to Ben’s Fund.

I am proud to say that I just made my first annual donation to Ben’s Fund in the amount of $1,000. Thank you to all that have purchased goods or tickets or pizza from my site. It takes a lot of purchases to add up to any significant proceeds, so I chose to match what you all gave through your purchases. My hope is that this will begin an annual Hawk Blogger tradition of giving back to the community in some way that ties to our shared love of the Seahawks.

Happy Holidays to everyone, and thanks for reading!

7 Responses

  1. jake bishop

    Great gesture, Brian. You set the standard for the 12thman. Been following this blog since 09 and will continue to as long as you write it. Merry Christmas, my man.

  2. Anonymous

    I look forward to reading each and every post Brian! I think I refreshed the page 3-4 times Monday morning waiting for your write up after the niners stomping. Congratulations on your success!

  3. Ransom

    Love the blog man. As an aspiring sports journalist who is close to getting out of the marine corps after 5 years and 2 deployments, I thank you for your passionate, articulate, and in-depth coverage of my favorite sports team. The3 kept me sane through a lot of stress, and I just want to say thank you.