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There were a few more special moments in that game against the Cardinals than most of us realized. Bruce Irvin set the Seahawks rookie sack record with no fanfare, and this morning, I discovered that Marshawn Lynch did what no player has ever done before.
Five players, dating all the way back to 1920, have managed to rush for 100 yards and score three touchdowns on 11 rushing attempts or less. Sunday was the first time anyone has accomplished the feat since Charlie Garner in 1995. No player on that list has ever rushed for more than Lynch’s 128 yards.

1Marshawn Lynch26-2312012-12-09SEAARIW 58-01112811.643
2Charlie Garner23-2371995-10-08PHIWASW 37-34912013.333
3Sam Cunningham24-0661974-10-20NWEBUFL 28-301112511.363
4Gale Sayers*22-1961965-12-12CHISFOW 61-20911312.564
5Paul Hornung*25-2891961-10-08GNBBALW 45-71111110.093
6Lenny Moore*26-3261960-10-16BALRAMW 31-17911813.113
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