It was time for my weekly conversation with Softy about the Seahawks, but today was a little different. The team is 7-1, but I can’t help but feel a little irritated by a few trends I am seeing, and it boiled over into this conversation with Softy. I once spent a podcast in 2011 blasting “the media” for their skepticism and chiding of Pete Carroll’s methods and philosophy. I thought it was childish, and diminished the amazing accomplishments he and the team had already made less than two years into their transition.

Today, I took the other side. I have a problem with how Carroll is handling the admittedly few weaknesses on the team. I have a problem with the media letting it happen unchecked. The team is 7-1. It should finish 14-2, and may need to in order to secure home field advantage. There is very little wiggle room despite the fantastic start. I let my frustration show a little today. Take a listen and let me know how you feel.