Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Way I Stay On Top Of Free Agency News

Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats Twitter for free agency news. My world looks like those guys who read the green symbols streaming down the screen in The Matrix.

I use Tweetdeck on my computer, and the Twitter app on my phone and iPad. Most of the time I just stay in touch at a narrow Seahawks level, but free agency requires a broader approach. This year, I can share some of my secrets thanks to Twitter allowing me to share some of my searches. The following are a series of Twitter searches that should help you know what's happening before most of the rest of the world does.

Included below are a few of the searches I will be using to keep tabs on Seahawks news I care about. I like using these in Tweetdeck because I can set up an alert notification to pop-up when one of them goes off, so I don't have to watch each one. A big improvement with Twitter is being able to limit your searches by engagement, which means you can search for tweets that are only retweeted a certain amount of times or get a certain amount of replies or favorites. That helps to screen out the random banter. You can, if you choose, only get tweets from Verified Users, which also helps. If the news is really flying that can help, but it also probably means you will miss the earliest news as lots of local reporters are not verified. Or, you can just come back to this article and check all of these widgets for any new info. Easy!

Searching For "Seahawks Visit" News

Michael Bennett News

Golden Tate News

Clinton McDonald News

Doug Baldwin News

Jared Allen News

Walter Thurmond News

Everson Griffen News

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