Saturday, March 29, 2014

John Schneider and Pete Carroll's Track Record: Position-By-Position

John Schneider and Pete Carroll built a champion. They did it in remarkable fashion, needing just three seasons to go from one of the oldest and least talented rosters in the NFL to the very best. At the core of their success has been Schneider's ability to find great talent, and Carroll's willingness to find places for those young players to contribute right away. People love to point to the Russell Wilson story as the best evidence of Carroll's philosophy around open competition, but they miss the more frequent, and less publicized, decisions to play Kam Chancellor as a goal-line safety his rookie season behind Lawyer Milloy, or Greg Scruggs getting rotational snaps on the defensive line as a rookie. Rookies will play in Seattle. This idea of Carroll "red-shirting" players is not going to stick. Young players that demonstrate unique talent will find the field right away, even if it means a small role at first.

Schneider and Carroll have not experienced equal success at each position group. As the Seahawks head toward the fifth draft from this front office, it is worth looking back at where they have done best in the past.

DeSean Jackson And Seahawks Bad For Each Other

Set aside all this foolishness about DeSean Jackson having ties to gangs. Any team releasing a young, ultra-talented, and popular player will look for a good PR story to throw fans off the scent. Aaron Hernandez provides an excellent opportunity to vaguely imply Jackson having friends who have gang ties means he is moments away from a murder charge. The Philadelphia Eagles, as Jim Harbaugh would say, are above reproach. The real story here is which team gets to super charge their offense with a young and unique play-maker? It will not be the Seahawks, and here is why.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Press Coverage: A New Hawk Blogger Mobile Magazine

It has been a while since my last Hawk Blogger Weekly. You will see those start up again soon, but this week I am launching Press Coverage, a mobile magazine that will focus on specific topics, with collections of articles relevant to that topic. Check out the first issue below.

Seahawks Options For Adding Draft Picks

Seattle has seven picks in the upcoming NFL draft. Even a sharpshooter like John Schneider prefers to have more bullets in the clip than that. You can assume Schneider has an eye on adding picks this year. Let's take a look at some possible options the Seahawks GM has to accomplish the task.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pass Rush: The Path Ahead

There will be no free agent additions to the Seahawks defensive line that this year that rival what Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett were last year. The younger players with upside like Everson Griffen are long gone. The older stars, like Jared Allen, who can still play like stars are gone. So what is a Super Bowl Champion to do? A variety of options remain.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hawk Blogger Logo Contest - $250 Prize

It is time. I would like to upgrade my logo, and my design skills stink. I don't want to use imagery that I don't own, or have rights to use. I would like something that is thoughtful, strong, and portable to my various social platforms (e.g., Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, etc.).

If someone can produce a logo I love, I will provide a $250 gift card to the NFL Team Shop.

NOTE: I will only give out the prize if I find a logo I like, and switch the site masthead.

Email me if you are interested in entering.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tidbit: Percy Harvin Yards Per Touch

Percy Harvin only played a handful of snaps in 2013. Those snaps were pretty darn memorable. A reader asked me a few weeks ago if I knew what his average gain per touch was. I didn't know then. I do now.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

PODCAST: Guest on Field Gulls Radio

I joined Luke Wehrheim on Field Gulls Radio last night to discuss free agency for 45 minutes. We took some calls and had some fun. Take a listen!

Monday, March 17, 2014

INFOGRAPHIC: Seahawks Salary Cap Explained Visually

I walk around with an image in my head of the rough amount of money the Seahawks will need to spend on core players like Russell Wilson, Earl Thomas, and Richard Sherman in the coming years. Yes, I am odd. It occurred to me this morning that a visualization may be useful to others who are trying to figure out why the Seahawks are not making a bigger splash in free agency this year, and why they are so willing to let players many fans have become attached to, sign with other teams.

Many thanks to Davis Hsu for helping to sanity check a few numbers for this article, as well as the guys over at who maintain a terrific site.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Seahawks Free Agency Round-Up: State Of The Offense

In case you missed the write-up on the defense, be sure to check it out here. It is time to see where Percy Harvin and the offense are after a week of free agency.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Seahawks Free Agency Round-Up: State Of the Defense

These are the weeks Twitter was made for. The avalanche of free agent news coming down across the league was captivating. Rumors and theories became confirmed reports and signed deals. Players re-signed. Players moved. Players agreed to terms, and then found themselves back on the street after the team got cold feet. Seattle has yet to add any new names to the roster, while a number of familiar faces have moved on. That has a few Seahawks fans squirming. This is a good time to take stock of where the Seahawks roster is still strong, and where it would be wise to augment it. We will start on the defensive side of the ball.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Way I Stay On Top Of Free Agency News

Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats Twitter for free agency news. My world looks like those guys who read the green symbols streaming down the screen in The Matrix.

I use Tweetdeck on my computer, and the Twitter app on my phone and iPad. Most of the time I just stay in touch at a narrow Seahawks level, but free agency requires a broader approach. This year, I can share some of my secrets thanks to Twitter allowing me to share some of my searches. The following are a series of Twitter searches that should help you know what's happening before most of the rest of the world does.

Friday, March 7, 2014

A Few Notes Ahead Of Free Agency

Free agency officially begins with the start of the new NFL league year at 1PM PT time next Tuesday. Some of the fun starts tomorrow when clubs can contact any free agent to begin negotiations. We will hear news of where players are visiting first. We will know what club position priorities are. We will start learning. The pace quickens over the course of week one when most of the big deals are signed. Each day will be a frenzy. It is more dramatic than the NFL Draft because there is no structure to the news or how you discover it. This is one of my favorite times of the year. Here are some notes as we barrel over the waterfall.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Comparing Riley Cooper And Golden Tate

Golden Tate may have recovered from popping this mammoth bottle of champagne after the Super Bowl just in time to pop another one in the coming week. Tate stands to make a pretty penny on the open market after emerging as a tough, reliable, explosive and versatile receiver for the Seahawks. It seems almost certain the Seahawks will find the money to keep Tate around unless another team pays a premium he cannot refuse. Tate has made no secret that he wants to come back, and would take a little less money to do so. His girlfriend of three years is from the area. He has a solid relationship with his up-and-coming quarterback. His head coach loves him, and the Seahawks are setup for a long run of championship football. It is understandable that he would find a return appealing.  Someone asked me on Twitter the other day how the 5 yr/$22.5M/$8M Guaranteed deal that Riley Cooper signed would relate to what Tate would get. I did not have the time to answer then, and wanted to go a little deeper.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Reading Into Chris Clemons & Zach Miller Non-News

Red Bryant and Sidney Rice were released on Friday. It was news. There was also something to be gleaned from the lack of news on two players. Chris Clemons and Zach Miller are still Seahawks. News of renegotiated contracts do not always leak out. Remember, Marcus Trufant had his deal re-done, as did John Schneider, and it was months before it became public knowledge. Here is my best guess what the non-news about Clemons and Miller means.

Moving On From Red Bryant

It is official. Red Bryant is no longer a Seattle Seahawk. He becomes the latest in growing line of beloved players and clear team leaders that the Pete Carroll and John Schneider have been willing to move on from. Lawyer Milloy, Lofa Tatupu, Matt Hasselbeck, Michael Robinson all belong on that list. Bryant, however, is coming off one of his best seasons. This parting is for slightly different reasons than the others.