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Brian, Jeff, and Evan sit down with Rob Staton of Seahawks Draft Blog fame to discuss what he is seeing in the upcoming 2018 draft. Which names should Seahawks fans keep an eye on? Who does he like in the first round? We will open it up to HB Patron questions as well. You can become a patron at

After we finish with Rob, we will discuss the coaching rumors around Gus Bradley and what that could mean elsewhere on the coaching staff.

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8 Responses

  1. Uncle Bob

    So Brian got his wish on Bev being a goner……….given his record here he might end up in the NCAA.

    Since I’m outside the Seattle market area I may be a bit behind on some of this. I’m sympathetic to the notion that JS had the team do the turn down for him to maintain bridges, but part of me would like to think he’s in the middle of a potentially dramatic shake up (Bev being just the first shoe to drop) that he wants to see through to fruition. Today (Wed.) and the rest of the week could see more of the cascade as they begin to solidify their options. The Bradley thing might have been a “leak” to help him seal his deal with the Chargers rather than a real prospect since I would find it surprising that they’d allow that to leak before having something concrete on Richard (assuming they don’t)……..just not their style.

    Now that the coordinator/coaching ice is broken this just might be a fun cycle for positive expectations.

    • Uncle Bob

      Well, that didn’t take very long…………..just saw a flash that Richard and probably “Tater” are gone as of this morning there. All holding breath on Cable?

    • Uncle Bob

      That of course is the next phase of the challenge, making the correct choices to lead to a positive change. Even if they get the “right” choices, then there will be the reaction of the players to those replacements. Talk is of getting coordinators/coaches who will impose/request/require more player personal accountability. That may be a challenge for some of the personalities involved. There may yet be a year of player sorting to work through on top of the changes that would have happened regardless of coaching changes. But before we get to the fretting over all that we’ll have both rejoicing and bemoaning………let ‘er rip!

  2. Hawkman

    FINALLY , Cable is gone . It is about Friggin Time !!!!
    Haven’t heard anything about Richard ?
    Lets hope for some Really Top notch replacements !

  3. Doug

    Can’t wait to see Brian’s take on the changes (as of today, Bevell/Cable out, Richard in limbo).

  4. Wigman

    Wow. Tom Flores is still around might as well bring him back too.

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