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Special guest Lydia Cruz of ESPN 710 Seattle joins Hawk Blogger staff writers Brian Nemhauser, Nathan Ernst, Evan Hill, and Jeff Simmons to discuss the latest in Seahawks news, off-season outlook, Championship Weekend in another busy week of football news.

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One Response

  1. Uncle Bob

    Tuned in for real time run of this episode and just gotta say…….this keeps up, we’re in for an interesting off season. Jeff worked hard at becoming the subject of a sexual harassment claim trying to engage Lydia in a convo about “big naked guys in the locker room….”, Evan went all man-crush on ETIII countering those of us who think he deserves equal consideration for value extraction, and Brian will need a whip and a chair if these guys keep it up. Nathan, dude, you need to pick up your game……you’re acting like the adult in the room. 🙂

    I understand the frustration with the way the changes are playing out, as outsiders though, we don’t have a view to the actual objectives in mind of proven, former winners. I think back to my days of running my own businesses and hearing others challenge what I was doing because it didn’t follow the majority or predictable prescription. Whether it was hiring people who didn’t fit the “safe” norm, or approaching marketing or quality control in the typical fashion, there were always second guessers……………especially from those who’ve never actually sat in the saddle of control of any similar endeavor. As a fan, I hope that’s what we’re seeing here…… incomplete picture that will develop in time to yield the preferred image we have come to expect……if not demand (however loaded with hubris that might be). All the same, the back and forth of the speculation is entertaining.