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The HB crew gets together for the second time in the week to talk about what they are seeing in the Seahawks first preseason game against Andrew Luck and the Colts. Why wait for tomorrow morning when you can hear thoughtful analysis of the Seahawks today? Also, there will be bad food takes from Evan.

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One Response

  1. Phil

    I very rarely make negative comments for things.
    Also, I always look forward to and fully enjoy your podcasts, but this was very hard to listen to after the fact.
    Maybe it would have been more enjoyable live, but I always watch the games with my son…so that was out.
    I really hope you return to your standard podcast format- which I think better suits your group’s style.
    However, if this is actually more fun for all of you, do what you enjoy- I know this isn’t about me. 🙂