Before I piss off half the Seahawks fan base with this article, I want to open up by saying how thankful I am for Pete Carroll. He brought us our first Super Bowl win — a joy in sports, and in life, that I’ve never experienced before. I will forever be grateful.

But things have changed. They’ve gotten worse. Before fans say I’m overreacting, I want to let you know this article isn’t solely in response to tonight’s result in front of the nation. Tonight’s article is in response to all the wins, losses, successes, pains, controversy, and dumbfounding decisions over the years. Please allow me to air my grievances.  

I’m tired of the head coach who can’t build a team around a generational talent at quarterback.

I’m tired of the head coach who is wasting his franchise quarterback’s prime.

I’m tired of the head coach who employed the NFL’s worst offensive line coach for seven consecutive years.

I’m tired of the head coach who hired Brian Schottenheimer.

I’m tired of the head coach who publicly calls for “accountability” to his quarterback while simultaneously failing to provide any for his coaching staff.

I’m tired of the head coach whose offensively inept.

I’m tired of the head coach who can’t adapt to the modern NFL.

I’m tired of the head coach who can’t find an innovative offensive coordinator to support his quarterback.

I’m tired of the head coach who tries to adapt his quarterback to his scheme, not the scheme to his quarterback.

I’m tired of the head coach whose loyal to a fault.

I’m tired of the head coach who believes “establishing the run” is backed up by any evidence.

I’m tired of the head coach who consistently throws dumb challenge flags.

I’m tired of the head coach who poorly utilizes the clock.

I’m tired of the head coach who wastes timeouts.

I’m tired of the head coach who fails to factor environment conditions in game preparation (@ Denver).

I’m tired of the head coach who preaches competition as a core mantra to his program but makes decisions that directly contradict this philosophy.

I’m tired of the head coach who gifts players playing time solely based on their draft position.

I’m tired of the head coach who passed the ball on the one yard line.

I’m not saying it’s time to fire Pete Carroll right now. But I’m certainly getting tired of him. And it might be time to start having a conversation about his replacement.  

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  1. metal

    Yes Evan I’m tired of it too…been saying it for 2 seasons. We also need (imho) a head coach who is also a play caller and not just a cheerleader.

    • Andy

      I guess I wasn’t the only one. Saw this coming and said the same thing about replacing PC. Got crucified. Lived through USC days. Same pattern and probably same result.

  2. Uncle Bob

    Well Evan, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of company in your expressed feelings. Maybe even Brian when he posts up the “Morning After…”. As fans our expectations were for some different scheming and game patterns. On offense in particular we seem to look pretty much like Bevell with a Schotty mask on……….only our QB appears even less competent for the most part.

    It’s stale. Maybe Sherm and Bennett weren’t only being disgruntled whiners.

    • Andy

      The dude is doing the same crap and the veterans hated it. This is not college football. It is professional and dealing with grown men, not kids.

  3. lil'stink

    I always appreciate the level headed objectivity that you find on Hawkblogger. The ability to see the forest through the trees, if you will, in the Seahawks universe.

    I do, however, take exception with this article.

    “I’m tired of the head coach who can’t build a team around a generational talent at quarterback” – I find this comment, and line of thinking, to be absurd. It reeks of Russell Wilson fanboy-itis

    Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers are generational talents. Russell Wilson is not. Every QB struggles at times. But Russell Wilson has looked completely lost far too often the last couple of years. His play in the 2nd half of 2015 seems to be a distant mirage at this point. And all the excuses that his fans continue to make for him are getting tiresome.

    Wilson has clearly regressed. There are clear limitations to his game that give me serious pause as to if he can get any better as he ages. He looks like a one read QB who has lost any poise he may have had. The league has figured him out, and he has struggled to adapt.

    The coaching, and front office decision making, have been problematic and clearly going downhill the last few seasons. I agree that it is probably time for a coaching change after this season. But to put all of the blame on the coaches for Wilson’s performance is just plain ignorant. How do you scheme for your QB when he can’t throw a simple slant to defeat a blitz? It’s not the coaches fault when Russell Wilson, in his 7th year in the league, completely stares down his RB before throwing a pick six.

    • Doug

      I think I mostly agree with this comment Lil’ Stink. Russ’ play hasn’t been at the late-2015 level, well, since late-2015. Of course, if you look closely at the last half of 2015 you will see not only great passing from Russ but a very productive run game as well.

      So: has Russ regressed? Or have the quality of weapons around him diminished? Or did he lose a bit of speed after his knee/ankle injuries?

      OR, my favourite explanation du jour, is Russ going through the growing pains of working with a new OC for the first time in his career?

      Frankly, I think it is this last explanation that fits the facts the best. This article is going to look pretty silly Evan IF the Seahawks end up 10-6 and flying by the end of the season, and I think there is at least a good a probability of that as them falling off a cliff to 5-11 or worse.

      Love your work Evan, but maybe you need to R E L A X.

    • Ramon DeCurta

      You should NOT comment on football. The Seahawks have two problems: bad coaching and a bad O-Line!

  4. Rowdy Yates

    Anymore, P.C is the broad side of a barn.

    I’m looking forward to Super Bowl 74.

    Unless the earth is one big cyclone by then.

  5. Jack

    First Carroll’s comments: (a) “I didn’t use RB Carson, last 2.5 quarters as he was gassed from Special Teams snaps.” & (b) “Penny is the best receiving RB” & (c) We’re going to use OT Fant more! & (d) DT Johnson The Seahawks wanted to sign LB Kendricks, who is good player that may go to jail and will BE suspended soon by the NFL. So they cut DT Johnson, starting RDT and signed LB/DE Kendricks. They expected to be able to re-sign him next week, but the Vikings jumped in and signed him. You can’t blame Johnson as he saw a way to get a huge “bonus.” You can’t blame the Vikings as they saw a way to improve their team.

    BOJ (a) RB Carson had 2 Snaps on Special Teams? In addition RB Carson carried the ball 6 times for 24 yards “C” & RB Penny had 10 carries for 30 yards “D”, Plus YTD Carson 13 for 75, Ave 5.33 “B” & Penny 17 for 38, Ave 2.24 “D-” (b) Targets to Catches: Penny Gm 2-0 & YTD 7-4 57%, Carson Gm 1-0 & 6-3 50% & Prosise 1 Gm only 3-3 100%. All the RBs average around 5 yards a Target: except Prosise 7.3 (c) OT Fant had 1 snap Special Teams. (d) Dummies! – Fool me once, blame on you, fool me twice and I’m a stupid $%#@^&. This has happened before to Seattle! If you don’t learn from History, you are a Dummy!

    Questions: Why is Carroll pushing Penny when by all accounts Carson is the better back? Why isn’t Carroll using Prosise more in the passing game? Why is Fant not being used? Why isn’t Carroll thinking? Two hours on the streets of Chicago and he would be walking around with a hole in his pocket, his money gone, and still looking for the T-Girl who kissed him and said she loved him = Dummy.

  6. Your mom

    This is a ridiculous excuse for an article.

    Agree with the comment above that Aaron Rodgers is a generational talent and that Russel Wilson, while a great QB, is not.

    How many superbowls do they each have? 1 each. Want to talk about wasting a generational QB talk about GB. Also, our defense was more to credit with that SB than Russ.

    Pete brings us the most successful stretch in franchise history, and we miss the playoffs by 1 game last year, and then lose 2 games the next and your already throwing him under the bus? Its absurd to think you can stay on top of the league for a sustained period, and outside of the Patriots, no other team in the NFL has been able to produce the kind of sustained success you seem to take for granted. Do you think Patriots fans reacted this way when they missed the playoffs in 2008?

    And what do you mean a coach who can’t adapt to the modern NFL? The NFL is circular as teams evolve and produce new matchup nightmares other teams must change to adapt to. Remember 5 years ago when defense was dead and modern offenses were unstoppable? that lasted about 2 years until the broncos ran into the SEA buzzsaw in SB 48 (see legendary defense above) which sparked another evolution towards modern defenses as other teams changed to match.

    GTF out of here with your run for the hills attitude. If you want to put some actual thought into an article that critiques Pete go ahead, but this is pathetic.

    • Ramon DeCurta

      Really? How’d that Dallas game look to ya?! Pete Carroll is dumb! He needs to go. The Seahawks don’t achieve things because of Pete but IN SPITE OF PETE.

    • Ramon DeCurta

      Russell Wilson is a once in a generation talent. If you don’t believe me, look at his stats. In many ways he’s the best QB in the league. He can do everything other QB’s can do plus things no other QB can do. And speaking of Rodgers, which QB do you think has remained second to him in passer rating all-time?! Yep…RW! You clearly haven’t watched RW very much; if you had you wouldn’t make dumb comments like “Aaron Rodgers is a generational QB…Russell, while great, is not.” You’re talking out of your a$$! Pete Carroll has failed to get RW a good O-Line, and he has made too many bad coaching decisions to ignore at this point. The Seahawks had that D and running game in place for two years before RW arrived, and the team didn’t do squat! What were they, 6-10 and 7-9? They didn’t start going to Super Bowls until RW arrived. So miss me with the D and running game crap, because RW has bailed them out too many times with late game heroics. RW has been one of the most exciting players in the league since day-1. Btw, Rodgers folded and lost an NFC title game to RW when BOTH QB’s were under intense pressure. That was RW’s third year. RW nearly took the Seahawks to the Super Bowl as a rookie! Did Aaron Rodgers do that? RW went undefeated against Super Bowl winning QB’s for what, two seasons? Did Aaron Rodgers do that? RW has been the most efficient QB in the league overall, and managed to out-rush half of the NFL teams by himself in 2015, with 948 yards. Did Aaron Rodgers ever do that? RW put together the best 7-weeks of football in the history of the NFL – until Mahomes cake along. Did Aaron Rodgers ever do that? Nope.

  7. HawkerD

    More and more (Exception Tom Bradey) SB’s will be won with non franchise QBs. QB’s on their rookie deal or game manager veterans. The game has become so complex and data driven it takes excellent play all around with considerable depth to deal with injuries. Once the QB is on his franchise deal, unless the team has hit the jackpot with their draft picks and UDFA’s, it becomes impossible to assemble the needed talent to go all the way. Aaron Rogers is the classic example. No one is better yet the Packers struggle in the playoffs because of his impact on the cap. Brady and Manning (in Denver) take less than max deals because they value winning. Their team friendly deals allowed them to win super bowls well into their twilight years. Wentz/Foles, Russell, Flacco all won on rookie contracts.

  8. Aiden

    Well what do you have to say now that by the end or the season that coach you were tired of hate fixed almost all those problems…

    • Ramon DeCurta

      Really? How’d that Dallas game look to ya?! Pete Carroll is dumb! He needs to go. The Seahawks don’t achieve things because of Pete but IN SPITE OF PETE.

  9. Ramon DeCurta

    I agree. I think Pete Carroll is on drugs. He has a freaking Ferrari at QB and drives that QB like he’s a Hugo. First he Pete literally throws away a super bowl on bad play-calling. Beast Mode had earned the right to run the ball in. Then, in 2017, he signs a kicker who everyone knew would suck! That kicker was Blair Walsh – the same Blair Walsh who helped the Seahawks advance to Carolina in the 2015 playoffs by missing a game-winning FG. Walsh literally kicked us out of what would have been a 13-3 or 12-4 record (and out of the playoffs) in 2017. Now comes 2018. Seattle fans knew that the Seahawks were not in a rebuilding year. Under Pete Carroll the only thing that has needed rebuilding is that horrible O-Line – and the coaching staff. I’m really sick of this guy torpedoing the Seahawks’ chances. He’s charismatic and looks good on the sideline, but I have news: HE CAN’T coach! Russell Wilson has made Pete look better than he is. I’m sick of the slow starts and the need for comebacks. Why do QB’s like Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson get to run up numbers, while Russ is the beacon of efficiency but never gets to go nuts? Bad play-calling, bad O-Line, bad kicker decision…it’s time for Pete to go. If Seattle had kept Matt Flynn, Carroll would probably be coaching football at Fresno State or somewhere. He would have zero playoff appearances! He sucks. Time for him to go!

  10. Ramon DeCurta

    Mike Holmgren would have won three Super Bowls with the weapons Pete Carroll has had.


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