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Softy and Brian are back to review the Steelers game and preview the Saints matchup

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  1. Scott Crowder

    The Lockett PI wasn’t about how he got spun around. If what you’re looking at is that, it explains why you mistakenly think the call was ticky tack. Watch the play in slo mo two times. Look at the goal post in the background. The first time you watch, look at where the ball comes down in relation to that goal post. Then watch again. This time look at where Lockett is in relation to that goal post. He is right where the ball is going to come down and he’s about to jump to the viewer’s right, his left, and upward. The ball will fall right into his breadbasket. Now watch what happens as the defender makes contact before the ball arrives. See where he was in relation to the goal post before and after the defender pushed him away from the ball. NOW you see it is open and shut PI.

  2. Rowdy Yates

    This is also the play where Bud Dupree went helmet to helmet with Wilson. A blatant violation that the refs didn’t flag @ 3 Rivers.

    Egregious human error, or blatant bias?


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