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Softy and Brian preview the week seven matchup with the Baltimore Ravens

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  1. Doug

    Seattle’s opponents have a miserable 1-5 record this year, after having been beaten up by this Seahawk’s team. Recent bye weeks, and games scheduled after Sunday, have accounted for two of the teams that haven’t yet played since being beaten on by Seattle. So who are the teams that are feasting on last week’s Seahawk’s opponents? The 49’ers were the beneficiary of two of those wins already, but what’s going to happen when the 49’ers have to take on the Seahawks toe to toe?

    Sure, Tampa Bay entered the league the same year that the Seattle Seahawks did (1976), but that doesn’t make them equal in current day talent. Seahawks get another road win, and I’d stake your life on it!

  2. Rowdy Yates

    Apologies and Warning: Off Topic:

    Re/ Josh Gordon: I don’t blame you, if the Seahawks are just a paycheck to you. But consider this (if you haven’t—–as if you were reading this anonymous post): You”ve only got a few years left to play in the NFL. So if you enjoy football, at all, why not put up with whatever B.S. is involved, and play the game, on and off the field, while you still can? (BTW, you get paid more bucks for a few years work/play than most people make in a lifetime—but you know that). You can smoke and drink and do substances at any age, but you have to be young to play pro ball, and not many people have the body for it. You do—-for a little while longer. (Captain Obvious, once again, @ Your Service).

    But if the good can’t make up for the bad than I guess this is probably your last fling at football.

    Hope you help the Seahawks and visa verse. Cheers.


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