Thursday, November 27, 2014


I love Thanksgiving. It might be my favorite holiday. Comfort food combined with football is pretty close to heaven by my measure. But the day is about more than that. It is about the characters and personalities who you share it with. There is the uncle who talks to you about things that don't matter as if they are worth deep and lengthy discussion. Or that cousin who always wears something inappropriate. Then there is new boyfriend or girlfriend of a family member who is waking up today knowing they are going to have to make a good first impression. But today our Thanksgiving family grows to include each other. We are blue-blooded brothers and sisters of the Hawk.

There will be the person tweeting that the game is lost after the 49ers get a first down. And the person who will tell you to stop "jinxing it" by commenting on how well the Seahawks are playing. The roles will be familiar because we have all done this for as long as we have done Thanksgiving. We celebrate together. We pick each other up when the team falls. We fight about the silliest things. We are family. And I am thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, and GO HAWKS!!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The State of the Passing Game

The 2014 Seahawks are not the 2013 Seahawks.  There are plenty of targets we could pin the blame on for that: injuries, personnel attrition in the offseason, coaching deficiencies, changes to the pass coverage rules, even a case of Super Bowl hangover (whatever the hell that means). That doesn’t mean that the ’14 Hawks are a bad team, mind you.  Despite all their problems, the offense ranks 11th in the league in points scored and the defense is 7th in points allowed, but even so they haven’t looked like the unstoppable Super Bowl-bound juggernaut they were just a season ago.

PODCAST: Breaking Down The 49ers Matchup

It is that time of the year. We eat. We watch football. We get to scream just a little bit more at the TV because the 49ers are on the docket. It figures to be a great game, and I spend some time on this podcast explaining why I think the Seahawks have several advantages.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Things To Know About Seattle vs. San Francisco

We have much to be thankful for this week, including the return of the NFL's best rivalry. Harbaugh vs. Carroll. Sherman vs. Crabtree. Kaepernick vs. People Who Don't Kiss Their Biceps. The two toughest teams in football square off for the first time this season, and as usual, much is on the line. A lot has changed since the last time these teams played. Here are some facts and notes to prepare you for what's next.

Hawk Blogger 2014 Power Rankings: Week 12

The Seahawks re-enter the top ten for the first time since week six. They narrowly trail Arizona based on strength of schedule (SOS), and are grouped with two teams that beat them in Dallas and Kansas City. Seattle's opponent this week is yet another top team.

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Morning After: Seahawks Find Their Fire, Dominate Cardinals 19-3

Logo by Kevin Gamache, Hammerhead 

Anyone who has ever loved an aging relative suffering from Alzheimer's understands how odd it feels to be looking at someone you know so well, but in the presence of someone completely unfamiliar. They look the same. Their voice is the same. Even the mannerisms are still there. But they are not themselves. You become accustomed to treating this person you love as a stranger. And then one day, you walk in the door and notice a glint has returned to their eye. They remember who they are. They remember who you are. It is a precious moment that you both realize is fleeting. It is a time to smile and savor. This Seahawks season has approximated this experience for both fans and players. For one glorious fall afternoon in Seattle, they remembered who they are.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Larry Fitzgerald Inactive Today

The Cardinals will be without star WR Larry Fitzgerald today, as the team has declared him inactive with a knee injury. The Seahawks, meanwhile, will not have James Carpenter back just yet, making that yet another starter on the offensive line missing today's game. The rest of the inactives for each team is below:

Friday, November 21, 2014

PODCAST: Softy and I Talk Ice Cream and Cardinals

The podcast with Softy is back! Enjoy our Friday afternoon ramblings.

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Fight or flight. It is coded into our DNA. Biology combines with life experiences to make that crucial decision when a threat is detected. Too often this year, it has felt like Seahawks fans and players have lacked the intensity needed to fight their way past danger. Too often, they have succumbed to a team and fanbase that appeared to want it more. Still satiated from a satisfying championship run, the men and women who have filled the seats at CenturyLink Field this year have yet to impose their will on an opponent. Their team has faced countless injuries, but even those who have been healthy have largely taken a step back instead of forward. And now there is nowhere left to retreat. We are bound together with our backs against the wall with a choice to make; will we run, or will we fight?

PODCAST: Guest Appearance on CBS Sports Radio with Steve Sandmeyer

I joined the Steve Sandmeyer show this week to talk about the Seahawks chances against the 9-1 Cardinals, and why they need to take more shots down the field.

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