Sunday, January 25, 2015

Patriots Run Defense Ranks Dead Last Versus Power Runs

You may have heard that Marshawn Lynch has a tendency to run with a little power. Patriots fans may have reason to be as concerned about Lynch as Seahawks fans are about Tom Brady. The New England defensive line ranks dead last against power runs, according to They define a power run as, "percentage of runs on 3rd or 4th down, with 2 yards or less to go, that achieved a first down or touchdown." Seattle, on the other hand, ranked second in the NFL in converting those situations. Those two inequalities may be the deciding factor in this Super Bowl.

PODCAST: Guest Appearance On 1310 The Ticket Talking Super Bowl

I joined the guys down in Texas to talk Seahawks Super Bowl and help them get to know this team a little better. It is always interesting to hear what people outside of Seattle think about this team.

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Patriots Average 42 PPG When Rushing For 100+ Yards

It is true. Take out the meaningless final game of the regular season when the Patriots did not play many of their starters, notably Tom Brady, and there were six games where New England ran for over 100 yards on the ground, including their last playoff game against Indianapolis. They averaged 42.0 points per game in those six contests, and won by an average of 27.5 points. That is just one example of why, despite all the attention on Brady and Russell Wilson, it will be the running games of both teams that decides this Super Bowl.

PODCAST: Super Bowl Bye Week Edition

I finally found a few moments to record my thoughts about the win over Green Bay and the results of my initial research into the Patriots. Sick of Deflategate? Want to hear actual analysis of the football game? Look no further. I have an hour of detailed breakdown for you right here.

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Gatorade Recognizes 12s As A Sports Icon

Gatorade approached me a couple months ago about an ad campaign they were going to run celebrating their 50th anniversary by commemorating 50 greatest sports moments over the last 50 years. They wanted to feature Seahawks fans, the 12s, as one of the fifty, right alongside Michael Jordan and a slew of other legends. It was, of course, fun to engage with Gatorade on a project like this, but also inspiring to know that we have all created something special enough to transcend the sport.

The Tao Of Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan was just fired by the New York Jets. His teams were 18-30 over the past three seasons and finished a dismal 4-12 this year. Few people will be asking about Ryan as the two best teams in football square off next week, but Seahawks fans and coaches certainly should. Ryan's miserable Jets have managed to give the Patriots everything they could handle, losing just one game by more than three points to their rival since 2012. Studying those games provides some insight into the mind of a man who was obsessed with beating Bill Belichick and the Patriots.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Is Tom Brady "Peyton Manning Part Deux?"

The story of Super Bowl XLVIII was the greatest offense in history versus the league's best defense. It turned out to be a Greek tragedy for Broncos fans and a buffet of excess for 12s everywhere. A big part of the victory was the Seahawks ability to disrupt Manning's timing and pet plays. There are some early indications that Seattle may be able to have similar success against Tom Brady.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Patriots Take The Air Out Of The Ball, So To Speak

We found out yesterday the explosive truth about these two teams in terms of creating and limiting big plays. Today, it is time to debunk another misnomer. Running teams, like the Seahawks, are generally known for controlling the clock while passing teams like the Patriots tend to be quicker to strike. That is not altogether true in the case of this New England offense. They are built to possess the ball for long periods of time, but they do it in a very different way than the Seahawks.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Explosive Truth: Seahawks Outclass Patriots Offense & Defense In Key Stat

Tom Brady is a god. He wins Super Bowls while brushing his teeth in the morning and throws touchdowns while kissing Gisele good night. Bill Belichick is a defensive genius. He can stop entire offenses with one scowl and scoop up any threats with his hoodie. These are the Patriots, boys and girls. They do no wrong (at least on the football field). The Seahawks, on the other hand, are a team that is just a great defense and a good running game. Their offense is "good enough" to compete, but hardly a threat. Not so fast. There is a massive secret that only you get to know because you were smart enough to read this article.

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Morning After: Impossible Becomes Possible, Seahawks Win NFC Championship 28-22

Logo by Kevin Gamache, Hammerhead 

Hope is a precious commodity. Heroes surround us, but are often obscured by the villains who too often dominate headlines. More than a football game was played on Sunday. More than an NFC Championship was won. Men, paid millions of dollars to move a leather ball around a fake grass field, redefined what is possible and lifted a city. Lessons were learned. Teachers who urge their students to never give up have a new well of proof to draw from. Parents who try to inspire their kids to overcome doubts and reach their potential can point to a true story that will resonate with young minds. Fittingly, on a day when we are remembering Martin Luther King Jr., the line between possible and impossible has been redrawn. Fifty-three young men and their coaches fought through pain, suffering, and odds as long as the NFL has ever seen, to prove the power of belief and brotherhood. Legends are born of miraculous deeds. This one started with a theft.