Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hawk Blogger 2015 Power Rankings: Week 5

Seahawks fans are licking their wounds, but the rankings formula seems to like what they are doing the past few weeks. They have climbed to 8th, which is their first time in the top ten this season, despite blowing a big lead to the Bengals on the road. Seattle is aided greatly by their strength of schedule, which is 5th in the NFL so far. Arizona, on the flip side, is hurt by their SOS which ranks 30th of 32 teams. Seattle has improved more than any other team in the top half of the rankings over the past three weeks. The Broncos have fallen off more than any top fifteen team, except for the Titans.

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Morning After: Seahawks Old Flaw Resurfaces, Blow Big Lead, Lose 27-24 To Bengals

We all have a family member who has some glaring flaws. They are constantly late, or flake out, or something far worse. It becomes family lore. Everyone talks about Suzie's problem. You analyze it from every angle, picking it apart, hoping to either find a solution or just use the conversation as a sort of group therapy session to cope. If it is a serious flaw, there is sadness and sometimes anger mixed in with deep love and compassion. You all want to help, but every time Suzy slips up, you feel more betrayed and always ask yourself if you can stand by her again. But you do. You love her in a way that silences rational thought and self-preservation. Your heart bruises, but it heals. Anger rises, but it subsides. On the occasions where all is right, you feel an elevated sense of satisfaction and happiness because you know you stood by her when you had every reason to turn your back. The flaw is still there. It is part of who she is. You love her all the same.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Seahawks 2015 Progress Report Through Four Games

I like to capture the team's performance through each quarter of the season. It has proven to be a great way to see where the team is trending, and often demonstrates change that I would not have otherwise noticed. We will start this year by comparing where the team is after four games compared to where they were last year after four games. When we get to eight games, we will compare to where we were at four game this season, and so on.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Week 5 Injury Report

Here's how the Seahawks and Bengals look on the injury front heading into their Week 5 matchup:


RB Marshawn Lynch (hamstring)
CB Tharold Simon (toe)
CB Marcus Burley (hand)

DE Demarcus Dobbs (shoulder)
LB Kevin Pierre-Louis (hamstring)
CB Tye Smith (hip)

RB Fred Jackson (ankle)

DT Brandon Mebane (groin)
WR Ricardo Lockette (shortness of breath)
FS Steven Terrell (hip)


DE Wallace Gilberry (calf)
S George Iloka (ankle)

CB Adam Jones (groin)
S Reggie Nelson (hamstring)
RB Jeremy Hill (knee)

Week 5 Chat With Softy: Previewing The Bengals

Seattle has climbed back to 2-2, and faces a daunting task in Cincinnati. Can they do it? Softy and I discuss, as well as some options to explore on the trade market to patch this offensive line.

Deja Vu? Seahawks Game In Cincy Feels Familiar

The offensive line features three players who are major questions marks. They will face one of the most dominating defensive lineman on the planet. It is hard to fathom how the offense will be able to operate. Welcome to Houston, Texas circa 2013. Seattle enters the game with Paul McQuistan at left tackle, Lemuel Jeanpierre at center, and Michael Bowie at right tackle. J.J. Watt and his crew of wrecking balls enter the game 2-1 and have spent the week talking about having their best practices ever. A Seahawks line that had been giving up sacks on 10% of their pass plays before the injuries to the line faced what seemed to be an impossible task. It was. And then it wasn't.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Seahawks Receiving Trio Are Perfect

With the never-ending attention paid to footballs the Seahawks do not secure, whether batted or fumbled, it seemed worthwhile to share a tidbit you might be surprised to hear. The top three targets for Russell Wilson this year have perfect catch rates through four games.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Let's Make A Deal: Offensive Line Trade Possibilities

The Seahawks offensive line is doing a better job of blocking this team's path back to the Super Bowl than they are opposing defensive lineman. It is time to start looking for ways to upgrade the unit and hope a mid-season patch job can be good enough to allow the offense to operate. John Schneider has been one of the most aggressive GMs in football when it comes to executing trades, and I think he will explore that same option here. Let's take a look at some of the possibilities.

The Morning After: Seahawks Defense Finds A Way, Beat Lions 13-10

Rocky was never a particularly skilled fighter. He defended punches with his face as often as he did with his hands or with movement. It was almost gruesome to watch as he absorbed hit after hit and his face became battered and swollen from impact. It took a lot, however, to knock the champ to the ground. There were two things you could count on when he fell—he was going to get up, and he was going to come out swinging once he steadied himself. The Seahawks did a terrific Rocky impersonation last night as the offense took the punches, and the defense delivered them. Mere inches from seeing their season effectively knocked out, it was the man they call Kam who delivered the final haymaker. Bloodied, dizzied, resolute, the champ marches on.

Hawk Blogger 2015 Power Rankings: Week 4

Green Bay remains atop the rankings, and has a comfortable gap over the next closest team, New England. Arizona and Buffalo suffered severe drops this week, but both remain in the top five. Seattle continues their slow climb, moving up to the 12th spot. They will face the rock solid Bengals next week, who hold down the third spot in the rankings.