Friday, September 4, 2015

The Morning After: Swagger Returns In Intimidating 31-21 Seahawks Victory Over The Raiders

Ask any Seahawks coach the most important thing they look for in a player and they will all say the same thing. Consistency is the hallmark of a professional, and a goal that can never fully be reached. Each player is asked to succeed, and then repeat that success over and over again. Tyler Lockett and Frank Clark have used their considerable talents to demonstrate an almost Atari-like dominance of their foes this preseason. A franchise that has developed a reputation for shrewd drafting appears to have struck gold again.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Update Roster Projection & Key Battles

Everything happens quickly from here on out. Seattle played Saturday, cut the roster to 75 players on Tuesday, plays their final preseason game tonight, and then makes final cuts Saturday. Months of jostling for roster spots, with stories ranging from green beret long snappers to wunderkind kick returners, resolves itself in the span of seven days. Most decisions have already been made by now. The remaining combatants get one more chance to make their case tonight versus the Oakland Raiders.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Overlooked Seahawks Linebacker Poised For Breakthrough Season

Quick. Who led the Seahawks in tackles last season? Hold that thought. Who led the team in forced fumbles? Which of the linebackers had the most passes defensed? Finally, and this is a tough one, who led the Seahawks in stops (the number of solo defensive tackles made which constitute an offensive failure, including sacks), per If your answer was K.J. Wright for each and every one of those, you are among the precious few people who saw past all the notoriety surrounding his teammates. Wright was a guy I picked to pop two years ago and reach Pro Bowl status. It never happened. He has been one of the two best players on the defense this preseason. His time in the shadows may be coming to an end.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fred Jackson Enters, Which RB Leaves?

Ian Rappaport is reporting that RB Fred Jackson, cut by the Buffalo Bills yesterday, is likely to sign with the Seahawks as soon as today.

Signing a veteran running back like Jackson would say a lot. Even the apparent interest is revealing. What comes next maybe even more intriguing.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Morning After: Seahawks Show Progress In Key Areas, Beat Chargers 16-15

The Seahawks starting offense has yet to score a touchdown. Pete Carroll admitted his frustration, a rarity, following the game. It would be easy to ring the alarm bells. It would also be misguided. Key parts of the offense showed needed progress, while the defense and special teams demonstrated their ability to win a game without a lot of points from the offense. This is shaping up to be a more complete team than the one that went to the Super Bowl last year.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Seahawks 2013-2015 Draft Classes Battle For Supremecy

John Schneider dominated the NFL from 2010-2012 with shrewd drafting that shaped a championship football team. A draft class that yields three starters is considered a success. Those three drafts met that bar, and raised it with at least one All-Pro player drafted each year. The next two drafts have yet to yield either three starters or even one Pro Bowl player, let alone an All-Pro. Frank Clark and Tyler Lockett bring high ceilings to this years draft class. Tonight, as the Seahawks enter their third preseason game against the Chargers, the performance of those last three drafts will take center stage.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Silent & Weird Seahawks Roster Battle

The competition at the top of any NFL roster is pretty straightforward. Coaches and front offices are looking for the best players at every position. Wide receivers are competing against wide receivers. Defensive tackles compete against defensive tackles. The logic shifts, though, at the back end of the roster. No longer is the decision solely based on which player is best at their given position. Special teams performance becomes a primary factor. This can see receivers battling cornerbacks, running backs battling safeties. It is a mostly silent battle that will be the most fierce over the final two weeks of preseason. Here are your Seahawks combatants.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Garry Gilliam Slays The Ghost of Sean Locklear

Mike Holmgren had seen enough. It was November 2002, and his precision passing offense was getting constantly disrupted due to a porous right side of his line. The Seahawks had struggled to a 4-7 record with Floyd "Porkchop" Womack as the starting right tackle, and Holmgren's job was at risk. Then Seahawks Vice President of Football Operations, Ted Thompson, made a bold move to pick up Chris Terry who had been waived by the Carolina Panthers after he was arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence charges.

Terry was immediately inserted into the starting lineup at right tackle and the Seahawks offense took off. Matt Hasselbeck threw for over 400 yards in two of the five games Terry started. A group that had averaged 20 points per game and 318 yards of offense boosted those averages to 27 ppg and 464 ypg over the final five contests. The Seahawks won three of those games, salvaging Holmgren's job as coach, if not as general manager. Terry never quite played to that level again for Seattle, but he had opened Holmgren's eyes to the difference a quality pass protecting right tackle can make for an offense.

The Morning After: Seahawks Lay New Foundation In 14-13 Loss To Chiefs

Programming note: Thanks for your patience. Just got back from camping today.

Losing has rarely felt so good. Seahawks fans can breathe just a bit easier now after seeing the level of play rise across the board in the 14-13 loss to the Chiefs. There is still plenty of room left to grow, but the pile of boulders blocking the path the team's potential was moved aside as the offensive line played above expectations in their first game together. Seattle is set up well to address the parts of the game that were subpar. Nobody will remember this game a few months from now, but it represented a meaningful mile marker toward reaching a championship level of play this season.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Things That Matter Versus Kansas City Tonight

Rarely has game two of the preseason come with this type of anticipation. Seattle takes on the Kansas City Chiefs, but more than that, they take on the pressing question marks on their roster that have a direct impact on their collective potential.