Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hawk Blogger 2014 Power Rankings: Week 4

Into week four and the Bengals are lapping the field so far. They have been helped by 21st-ranked strength of schedule (SOS), but even taking down their team strength with that factored in is not enough to make them anything but dominant thus far.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Introducing Clutch Factor & Threat Factor

The bye week gave me a chance to mess around with a few things I've been meaning to get to for a while. Situational football is a big part of winning. Converting third downs extends drives, and rests the defense. Scoring touchdowns in the red zone instead of field goals is often the difference between winning and losing. I wanted to see which offenses were best in the NFL in those situations, and from that desire, Clutch Factor was born.

Zach Miller Undergoes Ankle Surgery, Will Miss at Least 2 Games

As reported by several news outlets, starting tight end Zach Miller has undergone surgery on his ankle and will miss at a minimum the next two games.  Miller has been playing through ankle problems through the first few weeks of the season, but it seems the decision has been reached to take care of the issue now rather than wait until later.  The procedure was a relatively minor one -- a scoping of the joint, likely to remove loose bodies -- but there's a strong likelihood he'll be out much longer than two weeks.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Careful Who You Cheer For Today

Seahawks fans get to enjoy an early week off as the boys in blue have a bye. Knowing who to cheer for and against on days like today is usually pretty straight-forward, but the landscape has shifted. Nobody wants to see the 49ers win, for example, but that may be the better result for Seattle.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

More Great Seahawks Coverage: Seahawk Addicts & HawkBlogger Join Forces!

HawkBlogger.com has been a one-person venture since I started it back in 2007. The whole lone wolf thing is great, but there is so much more Seahawks coverage I want to provide you all that I simply cannot deliver by myself. It is with that thought in mind that I am excited to announce a merging of SeahawkAddicts.com and HawkBlogger.com to make your visits to this site even more fruitful.

Life for you stays the same. Keep coming to this site for your Seahawks fix.
 Just expect more Seahawks news in addition to my continued focus on in-depth analysis.

There have been many chances to add more writers to this site, or take my writing to other sites (like the recent trial run over at Bleacher Report that I have since withdrawn from). This stood out as the right situation to add a talented writer in Matthew Heuett and a skilled Facebook manager in Mike Parker.

Matthew Heuett

Matthew has a master's in English, and used to teach the subject. He may cringe at my grammar and typos, but will keep the quality bar high. Take a look at some of his work:

Seahawks 2013 Midpoint Analysis

A Closer Look at Marshawn Lynch (2012)

Matthew's main job at HawkBlogger will be to provide more frequent news updates about what is happening with the Seahawks, but he will also write some analysis pieces from time-to-time.

Mike Parker

Mike will be helping to engage our growing Facebook community. If you have ever posted to Facebook hoping  to hear a response, you can celebrate having a guy like Mike around to get back to you in less than six months. 

Always Compete

We are committed to being a Seahawks source you respect and trust. Our product can always be improved, and we will look for chances to do just that. 

Please welcome Matthew and Mike, and be sure to give us feedback about what you like and do not like. 

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Changing Seahawks Passing Attack

When Pete Carroll publicly stated his goal for Russell Wilson this season was to complete 70 percent of his passes, my first thought was the coach was looking for that improvement to come from his young quarterback maturing and making better, quicker decisions within the offense. It appears, three games into this season, Seattle has changed the passing offense somewhat dramatically toward shorter passes. That has led directly to a higher completion percentage for Wilson, but also lowered the number of big throws downfield where he has been among the NFL's best through his first two years. Changing the personality of a Super Bowl championship offense is a dangerous gambit, and one that has gone largely unnoticed until now.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

PODCAST: Hawk Blogger Week 4 Show

An in-depth review of the game against Denver, and a look at some signs that this passing game is significantly different than what the Seahawks featured last year.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

NEW! Hawk Blogger Power Rankings, Now With Strength of Schedule!

Many of you have asked me to include a strength of schedule component (SOS) into my power rankings. For years, there was not a quick way for me to do that, so I punted. The rankings were still valuable, but I always have looked for a chance to incorporate what should be the final piece of the rankings puzzle. Thanks to TeamRankings.com, I finally have what I need.

Hawk Blogger 2014 Power Rankings: Week 3

Three weeks in, and the rankings continue to have some unfamiliar names near the top. The AFC holds the top two spots, with the Bengals lapping the field right now. New England being #2 was so surprising that I had to double-check my numbers. They barely beat the Raiders and Tom Brady is not playing great football.

It turns out they are holding opponents to a 57.4 passer rating so far, which is just behind the Bengals (56.9). That gives the Pats a large passer rating differential despite Brady having low numbers by his standards. They won't be able to play David Carr every week, though, so their spot feels tenuous.

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Morning After: Seahawks Force Broncos to Face Reality, Win Again 26-20

Logo by Kevin Gamache, Hammerhead 

Peyton Manning bristled at the question. "It's not embarrassing at all," Manning said when a reporter asked if he was embarrassed after the Super Bowl. "I would never use that word. The word 'embarrassing' is an insulting word, to tell you the truth." A prideful man of great accomplishments, Manning had his fuel for the off-season.