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3.5Game Rating

The Morning After: Seahawks Subdue 49ers 24-13

This column is brought to you by Pagliacci Pizza. Treat yourself! Great special below. I have a doghouse. I put people in it. Heck, I put whole teams in it. The Seahawks have been in there since they lost at home to the Washington Redskins in a game where the...

Monday Morning Musings

I took a poll on Twitter a few days ago asking Seahawks fans how they were feeling about this game against the Falcons. The results were interesting. POLL: Which choice best describes how you are f...

Seahawks 2017 Check-Up at the Halfway Mark

I am an emotional guy. The Seahawks win and life is lollipops and rainbows. The Seahawks lose and the rain is a little wetter and the days a bit shorter. That kind of fluctuation can make it hard to stay objective. It is why I always return to the numbers and ...
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